of fucking course

Nothing like watching your favorite team blow it in overtime only to walk out into the first snow of the year.

Current beer-scale: 8.2



I finally managed a ride this morning, on a sunny but cold 30-degree morning.  As of today I need 10 more 17-mile days to hit 2000 miles for the year, which is sad considering the past two years I've hit nearly 3100.  Oh well.



Just a word to the wise: if you're trying to cut in-front of everyone else waiting to try and get on a packed brown-line at the end of rush hour, AND you're wearing a Packers hat, you're lucky you don't get pushed right off the platform.

You stupid fucker.

Current beer-scale: 7.1



Okay, I'll bite.

I've been looking for a new pair of oxfords in case I ever get called in for another interview, specifically some doc marten brogues.  And apparently there are a bunch of $0.04 shoes on amazon.  I'm not sure I believe it but here they are...
So I got two.  We'll see if they ever actually ship, or even exist.

Current beer-scale: a sad November 9.2



I love getting ready for Halloween.
Not bad for a $10 old navy sweatsuit and some felt.
But I also hate it, b/c by the time the work is done, you realize your two day-old pumpkin is already too banged up and rotten to carve, and it's going to be too cold on the 31st to wear anything other than a winter coat anyway.  Oops.

That's if I can even convince the kid to wear a costume anyway.  Oh well.  I was really looking forward to carving a pumpkin last night but we made the best of it.  Got out the chalkboard paint instead and then the chalk markers.  Didn't turn out too bad.
Would have looked better carved though.
Now is the part where I mention I just have to make it to Friday, b/c I hate my job and each day is slowly bleeding the life out of me.  I need a beer.

Current beer-scale: 9.3



Nothing like having a few beers and ordering a pizza to get an ass-kicking off your mind.

Hey, wait a second...oh those fuckers.
I guess we'll have to find some other way to ease the pain these days. 

For fuck's sake.

Current beer-scale: 7.1


Father of the year

Sometimes fatherhood means sacrifice.  Like when your team is playing in a top-five primetime match up and your son is watching Toy Story.  Guess who got the tv and who got the ipad?
It's the little things that make a difference.  Floor time with daddy is fun anyway.

Current beer-scale: 9.1


take that vegetarians

I guess that's not too bad for day old steak at room temperature.  It's the little things that keep you going on the long weeks.
And this has been one of the long weeks.  But there's football, pumpkins, and chilli in my future, all with some beers mixed in too.  That'll be a good time.

Current beer-scale: 8.2


So enjoy the ride

You never know where the day is going to take you.  I woke up this morning dreading spending another day in the office, and suddenly I found myself at the pediatrician's office instead.  And I liked that a lot better actually, even with the puke.

My boss saw me leaving in a full suit yesterday, so I think it would be pretty easy for him to figure out I was on my way to an interview.  I wasn't really looking forward to getting asked about it today, but then I got an email from another application I've got out for a supplemental questionnaire and that took up most of my attention.  Just as I was finishing that, the wife called saying our son was refusing to get off the floor and barfing all over the daycare, so there I was on my way home.  

A ride home, a nap, a webinar, more puke, a doctor's appointment, it all made for a much more enjoyable day than I initially expected.  I feel bad saying that too, since even though it's not serious he now has a fever and it's going to be a long night, but I liked it way more than a day in the office.  

Current beer-scale: a tired 6.6


Get up, get down, get a drink

I was feeling a little down about the job search so I went back to reread some of my 2009-10 posts from when I was completely unemployed the other day.  They actually made me feel even worse, b/c I might have been completely out of work then but it seemed like I was in a better mood most of the time.  And, the dog looked so young and happy in all of the pics I posted of her.  Her tearing her ACL has really been a downer. 

Maybe it was easier to feel positive when I was totally unemployed since it was spring.  Looking for a new job all year to the point where it's fall already isn't really helping my attitude.  The closer we get to the end of the year the smaller my window is to get out of here, which does not make me feel good about prospects. 

But then I get a late email from another university about a similar position, and I have an interview set up for Monday.  If I nail the interview and the pay is above where I'm at now, I'm out of here.  Two big "ifs," but that's enough to get through the next couple of days.  Drinks, football, interview prep, sounds like a good weekend. 

Current beer-scale: 7.1


It's not perfect

but in the end what is.

That lock is a monster.  Heavy as shit, too big to put anywhere in my frame with the clip, just where exactly am I supposed to put it on my bike if I can't leave it on the rack?
Eh, it fits at least.

Plus, it makes the bike sooooooo much heavier to carry up and down the stairs at Chicago.  Woof.  That's a very noticeable 4+ lbs.

Current beer-scale: an I-don't-want-to-be-at-work 8.8


At least I got a new lock out of it

Man, after getting horrifically sick last weekend and finally riding back in to work today, the last thing I needed to see was the absence of my good old ulock on the rack when I got in.  But there it was (not), and it kind of pissed me off.

Granted, I had my chain with me b/c I take it back and forth and could still lock up, but I've already had to replace one lock when the indoor parking closed and damned if I was going to replace another one after getting it cut off without notice.  So I calmly called around the security office, and suggested they replace my ulock.  Imagine my surprise when they delivered a new kryptonite series 4 to my office later this morning. 

This place drives me nuts sometimes.

Current beer-scale: 8.9


just gotta keep at it

I admit I'm starting to get a little down about looking for a job.  It's been over 9 months now, and even with one offer and a couple more close calls, it feels like I've run dry on what could happen next.  Not a great feeling to have.

Actually, I think I've been looking now for almost as long as I did when I was fully unemployed, which is depressing.  Things started off pretty well but every additional day I spend stuck at my desk doing grunt work is starting to wear me down. 

September's been a pretty slow month resume-wise.  And with the holidays coming up it looks like things will be slow for the rest of the year.  Dammit.  I really didn't want to spend another holiday season in this office.

There's a job open in the university at a different office and I'm on the fence about applying.  I've had a bad experience doing so prior, and I don't really think a lateral move does me much good right now.  So it sounds like I'm not on the fence anymore.  That's progress, I guess.

Current beer-scale: TNF 7.1


now that's a lunch

I might not be crazy about having to come in to work these days, but after a MNF win and some good burgers for dinner last night, there are ways to make a day feel a little better. 
Now if only I could break out the emergency bar and get away with it. 

Current beer-scale: 9.9


Yeah, that about sums it up

This was the third in a series of him sprinting directly at me, but strangely enough the one with him racing out of frame somehow feels the most fitting. 

We had another great weekend, and the unsolicted "I love you Daddy" I got between picking apples and going into the play area is one of the highlights of my life.  I melt for that kid.

I just have to keep remembering that as I slog through another Monday high on anti-histamines.  Ugh.

Current beer-scale: a MNF-friendly 8.2


little/big picture

Being a parent is ridiculous sometimes.

Ignore the diapers, the not sleeping, the gibberish cartoons and conversations.  Every once in a while a moment will stand out to me and I'll realize just how crazy it is to have kids.  This was one of them last night.

But I made a crazy-good In&Out replica sauce to go with these mini burgers, and in a few days I'll have enough apples to make pies and cakes a for a month.  It'll get here, I promise.

Current beer-scale: 8.5


Day trip

This is the most post-friendly pic from my overnight to Indy for the shamrock game in that at least the beer I was holding isn't in the picture.

It's always good to see the guys and catch a win but man that made for a rough weekend. Crappy car, early Sunday morning, hung over...ouch.  Monday is going to be even less enjoyable now.

Current beer-scale: 3.3


yeah, maybe I'm not so interested

Why is it the interviews you're least interested in keep you waiting the longest to get started?  It's only a chance to work myself into saying "Thanks, no thanks" before things even get started.

Obviously I had a phoner today, and actually I think I conducted myself quite well considering my initial look at the description had me wondering why exactly they were calling me.  But it was a director-level position and it might not have gone too poorly.

The best thing about it was as I was talking, two different people came by to shush me.  Yeah, fuck you.  I keep thinking I want to move into a more student services-focused role, but every interaction I have with actual students tells me that might not be the case.  I guess it's good that I just applied for a Dean of Students role then.

I'm drinking this weekend, but I'm going to try and keep it level.  "Try" being the operative word.

Current beer-scale: 7.3


Take a walk stretch

There are few things I enjoy more at work these days than taking a long walk to Binnys to pick up some alcohol.  Especially the day after a shitty long workday.
I couldn't decide what to get someone for this weekend so I figured this was a good option.  It'll be a nice surprise at the tailgate Saturday.
Even better, this was at Marshalls for 20 bucks.  Mitchell & Nell, for real?  In my size, doesn't seem to be counterfeit?  Done.  Now that's a successful shopping trip.

Current beer-scale: 8.1


finally, a use for twitter

So Tuesday I shook hands with Sen Durbin, Thursday I see a tweet about Parks & Rec filming down the street from my office and who do I see but Andy and Tom, chatting in the rain.
I admit I felt like kind of a tool standing around taking a cell pic, but what the hell, it's my favorite show and I could use the walk.  And hey, I finally found a use for twitter.

Current beer-scale: 8.1 & bring on the NFL!


thank god for football

So how to survive another case of summer ending...

I picked up after Labor Day fitting two interviews in for jobs I wasn't too interested in but was happy to set up after a long dry spell.  I have a good feeling about at least getting an offer from UChicago, although I'm not sure I want to head down there every day and I don't think the salary will be where I need it to be.

The same could be said about the salary at the WTTW job, and that's potentially only a two year contract with part of the job being working to secure additional funding.  But Sen. Durbin was in the lobby as I was leaving, and I took the chance to say hello and shake his hand.  It made for a slightly more interesting interview story than usual when I got home.

Ah, home.  Where I'd much rather be right now.  Taking yesterday off meant I was home for 5 glorious days over the weekend, putting up closets and taking care of kids.  It was fantastic.  Now all I have to do is hang on until the NFL opens tomorrow night and keep my fingers crossed that Michigan goes down in flames on Saturday.

Current beer-scale: 9.1


Noooooooooooo! Overdone...

We got a call over the weekend from the inlaws, saying they were at "the meat store" and asking if we wanted anything.  Never one to turn down free meat, I said to pick us up some steaks.

"The meat store?" I asked.  Don't they mean the butcher?

No, apparently they meant the meat store, b/c they were at a meat warehouse in the west loop that sounded absolutely crazy.  And they came back with the best looking t-bones I've seen in a while, and some fatty looking ribeyes.
That's the ribeyes on the grill last night.  If I had taken them off then, I likely would have been in heaven.  Unfortunately I let my paranoia about how thick they were ruin me, and I left them on until they hit medium.  Just about right for the wife, too much for me.  Bummer.

But they were still tasty, and I know to take it a little easier on the t-bones next time.  Not a bad way to wrap up a weekend that included a trip to Thomas day and some day drinking on Saturday.

Current beer-scale: an unhappy Monday 8.4


the home stretch

I didn't get any job rejection emails last Friday and it felt like a victory.  So after finding a couple of interesting jobs to apply to this week I was hoping it would happen again and I'd head into the weekend on a high note.  No such luck.  Literally, immediately after I published the first draft of this post.  Which is great, b/c I'm fucking exhausted and I'm pretty much done at my current job.

Even better, it's Air & Water show weekend, which means I couldn't even go for a LSC ride yesterday without people stopping in the middle of what they were doing to gape at the Blue Angels practicing.  God I hate this weekend.

Current beer-scale: 9.1 & looking forward to it.


Oops, too late

Here's an idea: if you want people to come to your early morning meeting on a day when we have a 6 PM meeting planned, maybe invite them before noon on Sunday.  B/c when I see an automated note pop up on my ipad at home on Sunday turning my Monday into a 12-hour day it makes me feel homicidal.

And of course, not everyone gets in on time anyway.

Too bad too, b/c here I was feeling good that at least I didn't get any "thanks but no thanks" emails the previous Friday.  Instead I ended up grinding my teeth all day Sunday and now that I'm here I'm counting down the hours until I get to leave.  Good times.

Current beer-scale: 9.5



So I finally got a callback from a resume I sent out in June, the first for that month.  I was starting to get worried that might be an 0-for situation; I had heard nothing but "thanks but no thanks" for that entire month so far.

But it's not until the 21st, and not for a job I'm entirely crazy about.  I've been trying to apply mostly to associate director-level positions, with a few director-level sprinkled in for good measure.  This one is a coordinator role, so of course that's what I hear back from.  Oh well.  These seem to come in bunches, so maybe I'll get lucky a line up a couple more soon.

B/c I need to get the fuck out of dodge!  And I need a new pair of bike gloves.  Not to mention shorts.  Not to mention beers, b/c we're one day closer to the Bears' preseason opener.

Current beer-scale: 8.1


now that sounds good

It was a rough night last night; I got a pretty bleak report on how the day with the baby went when I got home last night, so I offered to take the put-down shift and the first overnight shift feeding the little monster.  Yes, pat myself on the back.  Only now I want to die I'm so tired.

I put her down a little after 11 PM, and she was up a little before 2 AM to eat.  Not too bad, but we ended up staying up until around 4, which made for a rough start for today.

Strangely, the worst part was watching an informercial for a pillow.  B/c of course that's what you're selling to insomniacs too tired to change the channel at 3 in the morning.  Whatever pillow they were selling sounded so good if I could have found my phone I think I would have even ordered a couple.  But now I can't remember what it was called, can't find any information online, so I'm starting to think it was all a fever dream I hallucinated.  I definitely fed the baby, but that's all I can be sure of at this point.

So yeah, I'm so tired and fed up at work I just applied to a job in Gary, IN of all places.  Hell, I'm already hoping to hear back from a job in Munster, why not apply to something in Gary.  Just get me the fuck out of here already.

Current beer-scale: 9.8


theclymb.com review

I've had a lot of good fortune shopping online.  The wife always asks me how I can trust buying from someone I've never met on ebay or a site I've never used before.  Honestly it's not like I have a secret or anything, I'm usually just looking for very specific items and know what I find is likely to be the real deal.  There have been a few exceptions (trying to find "My So-called Life" on real dvd's before the official re-release a few years ago is the best example), but for the most part I've been happy with the experience.

Chalk my experience with theclymb.com into the positive column as well.  I've been looking for a deal on a Levi's commuter parka for a while, and I found one on ebay for $65 the other day.  Before I got into a bidding war I thought I'd do one last google search, and what did you know theclymb had them for $50 in all sizes.  I had randomly signed up for an account there a while ago but hadn't bought anything yet, so once I got a password reminder I was set to check out.  Shipping was a flat $7 but since it was good for multiple items I browsed for a minute to see if there were any other good deals out there.

Usually when I find a new site like that I'll google for customer reviews before I check out, but I was so excited about the great deal on the parka (and extra shirt) that I forgot and just bought the stuff.  Oops.  But reviews are pretty split; people either love it or hate it.  Put me down for love it.
That's a little weird.
I got a great deal, and only had to wait two days for processing and one more for shipping.  Everything was there three days before the initial estimate.  My one issue: the zipper on the parka is reversed.  But everything had tags on, it was all new, and I've got a new site to keep an eye on at work b/c their sales are constantly updating.  If you're looking for gear and find a deal on theclymb.com, you probably won't do better anywhere else. 

Current beer-scale: 8.1 & kind of enjoyed kona's IPA last night.


Sooo much to talk about

I ended up buying myself an anniversary present so the wife wouldn't feel too bad when I surprised her with what I got her as well, and had a really good experience with a website I had been a member of for a while but never bothered to use, theclymb.com.  More on that purchase in the future.

Right now I want to focus on finally breaking the 1000 mile mark for the year and the joys of having a 25 mile commute day.  It's no secret I'm not really in love with my job right now, but any excuse to ride an extra couple of miles and I'm on board. 
So that's my day so far. About 15 miles, with an evening commute still to come.  But cheezy petes am I exhausted.  I'm actually so tired I'm nauseous, and that's with slamming coffee, coke, and a pizza bagel so far today.  It's not helping that I keep getting job rejection emails too, with nary an interview request in sight.  Not really feeling up to a PM ride if I'm being honest, but I'm kind of out of options right now. 

Oh well.  You do what you can, drink what you've got, and fuck all the rest.

Current beer-scale: 9.3


Time flies

We've been a little busy so it's been under the radar, but today is my 8-year wedding anniversary.  With a baby at home we don't have anything fancy planned other than going to bed as soon as possible, but I already can't believe a) it's been 8 years, and b) that baby is going to be a month old already.  Jeez.

I felt bad yesterday b/c I forgot to grab some pictures of the baby to bring to work.  I've basically plastered the walls with pictures of the boy, it's only fair the girl gets her fair share as well.  We've been getting hassled by the grandparents for not putting more pictures of her on the tumblr we started for her, but it's easy to forget that a one month old isn't doing much other than eating, pooping, and crying.  Occasionally there's some sleep sprinkled in there, and I'm starting to think the smiles she's making is more than just gas now, but that's about it.  Pictures will get more interesting in a couple more months. 

Until then, I've remedied the situation and put a pair of pictures up.  Which is better than nothing, even though I have more Kona beer pictures up than that.  I'm still hoping I'll have a new office to put things in sooner rather than later anyway.  I don't want to have to pull a Homer here: "don't forget, you're here forever." 

Current beer-scale: 8.1



Well it's back to it this morning, and I'm not exactly crazy about it.  But I've managed to look busy and if I'm stuck at a desk at least I can put the boy's movies on his ipad.

It was a pretty obnoxious ride in this morning too.  It's not pleasant for a lot of reasons.  It's impossible to leave a wife and baby at home without feeling bad, but add to that I've become the bad guy now that I have to drop the boy off at daycare, and my overall not really appreciating this specific job right now, and it all kind of snowballs.  Into this tsunami of awfulness.

But I have a new IPA at home to try, and Labor Day is only a few weeks away.  So there's always something to look forward to.

Current beer-scale: 9.7



Went for another ride this morning, just missed this by a couple of hours.  Yikes

But I keep telling myself good things happen when you ride, and the closet I get to going back to work the more I need good things to happen. 

Current beer-scale: 7.8


And we're back!

I got permission to take my first ride since the birth of our beautiful daughter on the second,and it did not go to waste. Such an enjoyable feeling to get out there, even taking it easy.
It's been a lot easier so far this time around, but after getting some negatives back about recent interviews a long ride sounded like a good idea.  It worked pretty well last time I was job searching, and it worked pretty well again.  It might be time to take another one pretty soon.

Current beer-scale: 6.1 but looking for some big wave


But will I make it to the interview?

Still no baby.  But I was able to take the boy to the liquor store to pick up some essentials for after she gets here yesterday.  Good times. 

I have a phone interview today at 1:30, one I had to re-schedule last Tuesday when we were at the hospital.  The people setting it up were very understanding, but now I feel like I've got to make it worth their time and blow them away.  I thought scheduling it for today would lock us into a hospital trip by today, but it's starting to look like it's not going that way.  Bummer.

But I have another scheduled for the 9th, and that is definitely starting to look like we'll still be in the hospital by then.  Goodie.  That one I can't reschedule unfortunately, but we'll see how it shakes out.  Nothing like adding some job search stress to the adventure of waiting for a new baby to show.

Current beer-scale: 9.1



So it turns out that $6 moonshine from Walgreens is not very good.  Shocking, I know.  But what stings is that it's not really moonshine, more like flat hard cider.  Blah.  Even trying to stiffen it up with a whiskey cocktail wasn't helping.  Too bad I couldn't get a bottle of midnight moon the other day.

But moonshine is the least of my concerns, after starting the week at the hospital expecting to have a baby and then leaving when things calmed back down.  So we're back to square one, on complete baby watch.  Oh goodie.

And that's why daddy drinks.  Current beer-scale: 8.1


speaking of moonshine...

Imagine my surprise when I stopped in walgreens to grab a coke and saw mason jars in the cooler as well.  Mason jars filled with the familiar amber hue of apple pie moonshine.  Not my usual brand, but at $6.49 I figured it was worth a try.

It's not as high-proofed, and I have my doubts, but what's wrong with dropping a few bucks to try something new.  Too bad I'm in the no-drinking window of this pregnancy, just in case we unexpectedly have to head to the hospital.  B/c that's exactly when you need a drink.
Current beer-scale: 9.0


well that was disappointing.

It might be quaint and charming to infuse your own whiskey, and it might even be a little fun, but from a practical standpoint if I can go buy a bottle of midnight moonshine that tastes a lot better, I'll stick to that thank you very much.
 So let's strain this and see what happens.
This actually smelled really good, like an apple pie you would get drunk off of.
This was agonizingly slow.  Thankfully the boy was at his grandparents' house for an overnight so I didn't have to keep him away from it all day.
And finally, it was ready to sample.  Cue the Price is Right "bummer" music.

Nice color, looked good in the glass, but blurg did it taste awful.  Oh well.  Maybe it will taste a little better after a few more days.  Until then I'll just stick with the moonshine, thank you very much.

Current beer-scale: 8.5 Monday you bastard.


down he goes!

Ate it this morning after blowing a tire on some road garbage on Montrose.  It wasn't the garbage that did it though, it was forgetting to clip out with my left foot as I rolled up to the sidewalk to check the tire.  Oops.  That was humbling. 
So the boy and I have matching knees now.
But I had my kit so a few minutes later I was on my way.  A little more self-conscious that usual maybe, but not terrible.  Between Father's Day and filtering my whiskey this weekend, I have quite a bit to look forward to.  Good times.

Current beer-scale: 8.1


Hello old friend

Less than five hours from now...
Current beer-scale: 8.1


No such thing as a nice day to bike

I've had two separate co-workers tell me I look tired today.  I'm so happy we've reached that level of comfort with each other.

For fuck's sake I desperately need to get out of here.

Current beer-scale: 7.5


It's Monday morning; I wish I was drinking this right now

B/c you can't drink all day if you don't start in the morning.

I've had an itch to try this apple-infused bourbon recipe for a while now so while it was nice on Friday I took a long walk to the Binny's downtown to pick up something cheap to throw together.  I'm already off-book since I picked up Canadian whiskey, not bourbon, but what the hell.  I'm the one drinking it.
Apples, cinnamon, vanilla bean, whiskey, air-tight container.  Good to go.
The vanilla bean was too dry to cut open, it got snapped into little pieces instead.  Looked like little bugs or turds floating around.  Lovely.
I varied the recipe just a little bit more; used about a half less of an apple to try to not use the whole bottle.  95% of the CC ended up in there anyway.  But it already smells good, even if I keep forgetting to shake it.  Today will mark day 3; the recipe said wait at least 4 days, I have a feeling it will be a little longer than that.  The last time I walked to Binny's to pick something up the wife ended up going into labor that weekend, I've still barely had any of the whistlepig.  I hope this doesn't end up being a sign of something major about to happen.

Current beer-scale: 8.1 & teaching until 10.  For fuck's sake.


That was a surprise

At the end of April I turned down a job offer from a non-profit in Evanston.  The salary wasn't in my range and as much as I'd like to go somewhere else, if it doesn't feel like a perfect fit I'm not going to say yes (unless the money is huge). 

There have been days since that I regretted that decision, so imagine my surprise when the hiring manager called me back out of the blue yesterday to touch base and see what a bigger number would mean in my decision making.  Again, not really a great sign that apparently no one wants to do the job at the salary they've set, but if I'm the top choice and they're coming back to me again it's a nice ego boost at least.

And now to buy some cheap whiskey and start enjoying my weekend.

Current beer-scale: an apple infused 7.8


How to enjoy a long weekend while job searching

Simple: have a two-year old and take him to a farm where he can run around and ride a tiny train. 

And try to ignore the fact you're going back into the office on Tuesday.  Don't let it spoil what was a great weekend.  Sooner or later you'll find something else.  You hope.

Current beer-scale: 6.8


A new wrinkle

Getting ready for my interview today I was running early (enough to stop by Binny's and pick up some new whiskey I was hoping) when I noticed my shirt had lost a button between washing it yesterday and putting it on today.  Whoops.

I'll be damned if I was going to let that stop me from either wearing it or going to buy whiskey though, so I quickly and moderately calmly whipped out the sewing kit and put it back on.  Easy peas-y.  Interview went fairly well too, and I have some new whiskey to try now too.
And if you think I didn't use the actual tin cup provided to pour the first drink, you haven't been paying attention.
It'll likely be a few weeks before I hear back about this place, but in the meantime I have some Tincup to try.  I've read a lot of complaints about their claims of being from Colorado vs where the whiskey is actually distilled, but who cares.  If it tastes half as good as the rave reviews I've read we'll be in good shape.

Current beer-scale: 8.1


every time I look at these I smile

Yes, the holes behind the tv bothered me but I wasn't looking at them every day.  But I have been looking at these speaker wires for two-plus years now.
Seriously, I know you're in for the short sale but can't you take 15 minutes and at least put those back in the wall?  No?  Okay, fuck you very much.  Oh, it's b/c you just painted over the covers while they were on the wall?  Fan-fucking-tastic.
There were five of these, now patched, painted, and closed back up.  And it makes me happy every time I think to look at them.  But I don't look very often, b/c there aren't random wires sticking out of my walls anymore.
And that's why it finally feels like this place is coming together.  Get some frames back on the wall, possibly some shelves, and we'll be good to go.

current beer-scale: 6.9


slowing coming together

So ignoring having to replace things like the AC or water heater, painting our condo has convinced me the place is slowly but surely coming together.  Just in time for a new baby to blow things up again, but it's looking pretty good right now.
It's not like we can see all these with our massive tv up, but just knowing they are there has bugged me since we moved in.  What the hell was wrong with the people that sold us this place?
The patches aren't perfect by any stretch, and painting around the bracket instead of taking it all the way off will surely cause me problems down the line, but I feel so much better putting the tv back on over that versus having all the holes in the wall.
Oof, that thing is a beast to put up and get connected.  What a fucking pain.  But things are looking decent.

Current beer-scale: 7.8


May got off to a great %*(^ing start

I took some time off to get some things done after the stress of planning Commencement, so I've got some painting before & after shots to put up over the next few days.  All day on the 5th, all day on the 7th, and then finally the big wall this past weekend.  But in the middle of painting the entire house, suddenly our hot water wasn't working.  Oh goodie, something else to check out.  Let's clear out the pantry so there's room. 
So yeah, our tank was leaking and had to be replaced.  There went another 2 grand replacing something else the piece of shit developers cheap-ed out on when putting the building together.  Hey, if it gives someone else peace of mind when we try to sell then good for us. 
A wet spot on the outside is not a good sign.
We painted for pretty much the same reason, but it looks so much better in the meantime.  There aren't a bunch of holes in the wall, no speaker wires sticking out, and there aren't any milk or throw up spots on it yet.  I'm going to enjoy it while I can.

Current beer-scale: 8.1 & ready to schedule some interviews this week


Setting up

Oh, you're surprised I didn't show up an hour earlier than I said I would to help set up to tonite's dinner? Don't let the fact I'm here at all distract you from the nice Saturday I was having at home with my son and pregnant wife.

Christ almighty I hope I get an offer I'll accept soon. 5 whiskeys can only do so much.

Current beer-scale: 8.9



So I took the weekend to "think about" the offer from Friday, confident in my decision to turn it down.  That feeling intensified when I got an email from another place about the interview I had earlier in the month that I thought I hit out of the park asking me to call them to discuss their hiring process.  Of course I'll call.

Yeah, that phone call did not go as positively as I expected it to and you could tell it was going that way right off the bat.  So I turned down one job, and didn't get the offer I thought I might on the other.  Whoops. 

Which makes me feel a little more foolish about saying no elsewhere, but considering I had already made that decision before I had the second phone call I guess I shouldn't.  I also set up another interview for next week, and am still hoping to hear back from another interview from last week, so it's not like there's not hope for me out there.  It just sucks not hearing what I thought I'd hear. 

Throw in a crappy, wet ride this morning and this Monday has shaped up for shit.  So I'm gonna go home, drink a whiskey, and watch GoT.  That should take care of things.

Current beer-scale: 8.8


4 years ago that would've been a big "hell yes."

Got an offer for another job today, with a starting salary a few bucks below what I'm already earning now.  Add in that vacation started at two weeks and I wouldn't be getting the occasional stipend for teaching and that is a disappointing offer.

Oh well, still an ego boost to get one.  But I've convinced myself that as unhappy as I am currently, I'm not just jumping to the first branch that becomes available if it's not the right one.  I can wait another few weeks for more interesting interviews to pan out.  This one took 2.5 months start to finish, might end up with great timing if any of these other recent ones pan out with other offers.

Current beer-scale: 9.1 & beer's in the fridge!



Got right-hooked into the curb this AM by a guy not paying attention as he passed me to whip into a parking spot.  I stopped to make a mental note of the renovation company ads on the truck and call the guy a fuckface and went on with my day.  Unfortunately I can't find a phone number for the place on the ads so I can't call up and call him a cunt as well.  Too bad.

I have a follow up phone call to make regarding an interview at an Evanston non-profit and I'm not sure I want to make it.  I'm pretty unhappy at the office today and if I actually get an offer from somewhere else I'm going to have a hard time saying no. 

So the day has not shaped up well at all.  Let's just get to the weekend at this point.

Current beer-scale: 6.8


More follow up

So it's cold as hell this morning and my finger fucking hurts.  Good times.

I had a follow up today to make sure everything is coming together well.  And it is, but I did get fitted for a new splint and some velcro supports so it heals more properly.
It turns out I have a "closed fracture of shaft of proximal phalax" on my left pinkie.  Apparently if it scars too much the finger will heal but stay in more of a curled position than it should. All I care about is that I have to wear the splint at night for another 4 weeks but can try to see how it goes with it off more during the day.  Great.
So I don't feel bad for riding this week, and as long as it warms up I'll be in good shape.  It's late April for fuck's sake, let's get out of the 30's once in a while.

Current beer-scale: 8.1


fuck it, let's ride

Broken finger and all, it's going to be 70 degrees today.  If I didn't ride today, I wouldn't be riding again any time soon.  So bring it on Monday.
Current beer-scale: 6.9


What the shit, spring?

the view off our patio this AM
You have got to be fucking kidding me. 

And it's damn difficult to type with a broken finger.

Current beer-scale: 7.8 & beer's in the fridge


Why didn't I learn my lesson

I'm sitting in a garage trying not to doze off before it's time to walk to my second interview today. Apparently I didn't learn anything the last time I said no more two interview days.

At least the first interview was in the AM at UChicago, one I'm really interested in.  I brought the enthusiasm and it seemed to go well. And parking downtown let me meet the write for lunch between.

But all I wanted to do at lunch was chug a beer,  and all I want tip do now is go to sleep.  It's cold I'm tired and I don't really care about this job.  Oh well they can't all be winners.

So I'll listen to the radio for a couple more minutes,  gut this interview out,  and Jane several beers when we're all finally home tonite.

Current beer-scale: 9.1 and staying high


great, more owwwwww

Yeah, got t-boned by an oncoming car turning left this morning.  I don't know how, but I'm actually not too bad.  I haven't checked the bike closely but that seemed fine somehow too. 

I did ask for an ambulance to get called though, b/c at that point I was pretty pissed...

Here's the view from the squad car (the officer was a good guy, walked me into the hospital so I'd get checked quicker):
Here's the familiar sight of me kicking back in the ER waiting to hear about the xray:
Here's a small bruise forming that had me worried I did officially break my hand:
And here's my pinkie in a splint thanks to a small fracture:
Big picture things could have been much worse.  I'm not in a lot of pain, I can still swim on Sunday since I don't have a cast, and I have an excuse to stay home now anyway.  Plus, I didn't get drugs so I can drink tonite.  And I will. 

Current beer-scale:  off the damn charts


You're early

but that's okay I'm prepared.

I've been looking for a chance to renew my expired license and take a bike in for a pre-good weather tune up, so when I set up a phone interview for 9:30 this morning it seemed like a good day to play hooky and get some stuff done.

Got off to a bit of a rocky start when the interviewer called half an hour early but luckily I was already set up and had had a coffee already. Apparently I did okay since they've already emailed about setting up an in-person interview next week. Sounds like I might be juggling a pair of interviews again on Monday, oh boy.

So in the meantime I made some meatballs and tried to get mentally ready to go back to the office for another day. Ugh. I think the whiskey's coming out to meet dinner tonite.

Current beer-scale: 7.6


a serious case

of "I don't give a shit"-itis. 

I heard back in the negative for a job late yesterday and while I wasn't disappointed I admit I as a little surprised.  I wasn't overly interested in the job but believed the interview went well and thought I would hear a more positive response.  Getting a "no" takes a difficult decision out of my hands but I was still caught off-guard.

It would have been difficult b/c I admit, the any port in a storm perspective is sounding more and more appealing.  I've completely soured on where I am right now and if I was presented with another option, even if it wasn't my top choice, I'd have a difficult time saying no. 

Which is not a good headspace to be in, b/c at this point my next interview is going to feel like it's life or death.  Not a feeling that helps keep things on an even keel.  But at least I get to take a day off to do the interview.  Now I just have to not completely blow it.

Current beer-scale: 9.9.  Buried the needle, Ray.


GQ I am not

Apparently I'm blowing people's minds wearing an unlined jacket around the office two days in a row.  It's still in the 30's outside but if I wear an extra layer it's newsworthy.

C'mon people, it's an unlined cotton blazer, it's barely a step up from a shirt and tie.  Read a magazine once in a while.

Current beer-scale: 9.5 and can't wait for an interview next week.


The terrible two's

Because party or no, you've gotta give the boy something to open on his actual birthday.
Current beer-scale: 7.6 & drinkin' in bed


Old legs get older

Woof.  First commute as a 35-year old this morning, and it was a doozy.  Still on the single speed, and got passed a little too close for my liking coming around the curve at Fullerton.  So I hopped on and stayed with him until my exit.  It didn't feel too bad while it was happening but I feel a little rubbery now.  Not in a bad way though.

I can't believe I got this old.  And to think, I've got another one on the way in a few months, life has a way of keeping you young not matter how old you say you are.  Good times.

Current beer-scale: I'm buying Guinness at lunch so it's pretty high.


Let's just say

someone is going to lose his shit when he wakes up tomorrow.
Best $30 we've spent in a while, but I'll admit to not knowing what the wife spent on my great presents either.

Current beer-scale: 7.6 & enjoying a nice bed whiskey