well that was disappointing.

It might be quaint and charming to infuse your own whiskey, and it might even be a little fun, but from a practical standpoint if I can go buy a bottle of midnight moonshine that tastes a lot better, I'll stick to that thank you very much.
 So let's strain this and see what happens.
This actually smelled really good, like an apple pie you would get drunk off of.
This was agonizingly slow.  Thankfully the boy was at his grandparents' house for an overnight so I didn't have to keep him away from it all day.
And finally, it was ready to sample.  Cue the Price is Right "bummer" music.

Nice color, looked good in the glass, but blurg did it taste awful.  Oh well.  Maybe it will taste a little better after a few more days.  Until then I'll just stick with the moonshine, thank you very much.

Current beer-scale: 8.5 Monday you bastard.

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