Yeah, 48 degrees and a headwind made things way too hot for the cap w/ear flaps this morning. That was ri-fucking-diculous.

In other news, everyone was out this morning but I took the path to save myself some aggravation. Let's hope that stands up to the windstorm we're apparently due for this afternoon.

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coming together

The paint is finally done in the nursery. Or at least it's done to the point where I hopefully stop noticing all these spots that need touching up and can concentrate on putting stuff together after having the shower on Saturday.Things look pretty good, even though the room is a disaster area after bring home a stroller and piles of baby clothes. All adorable, all something we need to wash and put away to get the room ready.These pics were taken before the shower to show everyone how the room was coming together. The shower that I wasn't supposed to be at, but ended up sitting through when my plans to visit a microbrewery fell through. Thanks a lot guys.One more shopping trip and we might actually have the room in ready condition. There are still some pretty big ticket items on our registry to pick up, but at this point we're approaching the finish line. No more classes, no more showers, hopefully no more visitors as we get ready for the big day. I've got to brush up on my swaddling technique.

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Where's the kick?

I'm posting on my iPad while the meeting I'm conferencing into posts a webinar that's the second half of the agenda. Brrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmm.
At least I can get up to piss and no one will be the wiser. Until I post something about it ON THE INTERNET.

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After getting through my huge to-do list last weekend, I found myself not enjoying having time to sit around yesterday. So I made some DIY pedal straps for the raleigh and tried them out this morning. Oops.

The right pedal ended up coming loosing, striping the crank arm. I walked the last 2 miles in and now my $5 project will end up costing me $120+ to replace the cranks. Fan-fucking-tastic. Just how I wanted to start a day that I have to stay late for.

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Get going'!

I'm home today, tearing through my huge to-do list on a day off. After driving the wife to her latest drs appointment, to work, breaking down old dresser drawers, switching the fyxation tires to the raleigh, washing a rug and some towels, letting the maintenance guy in to paint our front door, and painting my palm trees in the baby's room, I'm waiting a few minutes to feed and walk the dog. So much for watching a movie today.

The painting was fun though. Drawing the pattern seems to have been the easiest part. You don't have to worry about edging when you've just got a pencil.
Details, details, details. That looks a lot more yellow than green...
But I guess it looks better dry. A second coat, even better. Keeping the brown and green separate is proving challenging...But in the end doesn't look too shabby. Almost done at this point, then we can break down the bed and really make it the baby's room. Good times.
And done for the day just in time, as dinner and drinks just an hour away. Beer!

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getting closer...

And we're getting readier. More paint pictures to come, but for now...
Look at how adorable that is! I can't wait to dress our little hipster.

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What a turd

She might hate her boots, but she models them like a pro.
Let's wrap this up, shall we winter?

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See? Spoiled.

Well that sucked. An extra half hour to get home, coated in snow.
Time to drink.

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silly girl

We've been so spoiled this winter. Don't let it fool you, it's still February.

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Down I go

Leave it to me to find a way to trip myself on a bike.

Nothing too serious this morning but the tank got introduced to the asphalt of Lincoln Ave this morning as I tried to weave my way ahead of a bus. I wasn't paying attention and I kicked the back of the front fender, wobbled, and went down between some cars. It was slow enough that I caught myself and landed pretty lightly. Just had to get up, pick up the bike, and still made it through the light in front of the bus. Ha!

Usually after something like that I'd think about taking a day off the bike but screw it. If I'm working I'm riding.

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speaking of paint...

God dammit.

I used to have to go to courthouses all over Cook county for work and inevitably I would see similar graffiti scrawled all over random furniture and bathroom walls. It always struck me as pathetic (and pathetic is a way nicer word than I usually thought). What's worse than some suburb-wannabe thug thinking it's cool to ink up a bathroom stall?

So to wake up and see that on our garage the other morning set my teeth on edge. Now it's up there already, and the city will be by to paint over it, so there's not any use in getting all worked up. But every time I see it I can't help but think several derogatory thoughts about whoever's life was in sorry enough shape to lead to that. Way to go kid, I bet you and your buddies are the coolest. Good luck making anything of your life.

We weren't the only ones hit, and there was a long line of buildings hit in a similar fashion earlier this month west on Lawrence. It still sucks.

I need a drink.

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