Dig in or dig out

Between the snow that hit the east coast yesterday and the city putting "emergency escape" exits on LSD after the mess of snowpocalypse and the excuse to show clips of cars buried in snow there seems to be a lot of winter scenes on the news lately.

Knock it the fuck off already!

Please let me enjoy the sun that is out and a snow-free late October/early November. It will turn to shit soon enough. Fall back and be glad there are still only leaves on the ground and nothing more.

Current beer-scale: 8.9


"Actually, we've got a pretty nice little Saturday planned"

Ah adulthood and home-ownership. Where the thought of having a new bed delivered makes your weekend.

I love my ikea bed, but it's been 10 years and the mattress is kaput. And with the wife expecting it was time to upgrade to a king-size.
The ikea has been through a lot. 6 moves, first cohabitation, marriage, the dog, all have left their mark on a bed and mattress that cost less than the king-size mattress we bought to replace it. I still remember how happy I was to put it together and spend my first solo night in the biggest bed of all time. Out of respect I decided to wait until this morning to take it apart and spend one more night in it. So much for letting the roomba take care of the floor under the bed. That's only 4 months worth of dust. Not even close to how gross it was under there when we moved but still not great.

If the bed was getting delivered, I might as well have the delivery guys put everything together too. They were super fast, despite noticing some of my ND stuff around and talking football. Add that to liking the look of the dog and they got a nice tip.
Throw a cheap set of sheets on that bad boy and the old comforter and we're ready to go. Wow that really is big enough to merit a new king-size comforter. Oh boy, another weekend spent at home stores. Better rest up.

Current beer-scale: 5.7



Whew! When I got home last night I clipped my ankle with the back axle as I was stepping off the bike. Very graceful. It hit hard enough to knock the wheel loose thanks to the quick release not being very tight (evidently I've been slacking as a responsible bike commuter). It wasn't a huge deal since I was already home but it did make me take a close look at the rear brake pads, which were in pretty terrible shape.
Evidently I've really been slacking as a responsible bike commuter.

Yikes. Hard to believe I was able to stop at all for who knows how long. Thankfully I took a mental health day today and have spare pads all over the place, including the winter bike that keeps getting torn more and more down. So the Trek can stop again, but I'm to the point where I'm tempted to just buy another cheap yet complete bike-shaped-object over re-building frankenbike. Again, maybe not the most responsible approach but definitely the most affordable.

Current beer-scale: 8.9 and I'm home for a weekday, break out the rye!


Going solo for too long

The wife is at her annual conference this week so I'm on my own for the duration. It's an even longer week than usual b/c she's having a girls weekend in San Fran when the conference wraps up so I have an extra few days to account for. In the past I would have looked forward to a long week of pizza and beer but this weekend just dragged.

By the time I was getting up this morning I was not crazy about spending an entire week just me and the dog, but the dog seemed to be up for it. A few long walks and she was done this weekend.
Football provided a decent distraction for some of the day yesterday, but after having to self-medicate with rye after the dismal ND game I was about done with sports for a while. But the rye was good so more of that will likely happen this week.

Current beer-scale: 4.4 and a boring MNF game


wednesday waves

Wind and waves conspired to keep me on the train today, to say nothing of staying late and not having the heart to do so on a bike. Boo to me.

The number one lesson I've learned lately? When you drive 1100 miles with your brother-in-law fanatically eating jerky the entire time, it pays to clean the car out as soon as you get home. Gross.

Current beer-scale: 9.1



Still phone-less, thanks to two-day shipping that must have meant four days. But it's perfect out, sunny and in the seventies. The perfect day to have a meeting at Lakeshore campus and spend some time sitting by the lake.

I might have thought I was going to die taking a shuttle ride up there, but that's what I get for not biking. Something I will remedy by the time I go home tonite.

Current beer-scale: 5.5