Whew! When I got home last night I clipped my ankle with the back axle as I was stepping off the bike. Very graceful. It hit hard enough to knock the wheel loose thanks to the quick release not being very tight (evidently I've been slacking as a responsible bike commuter). It wasn't a huge deal since I was already home but it did make me take a close look at the rear brake pads, which were in pretty terrible shape.
Evidently I've really been slacking as a responsible bike commuter.

Yikes. Hard to believe I was able to stop at all for who knows how long. Thankfully I took a mental health day today and have spare pads all over the place, including the winter bike that keeps getting torn more and more down. So the Trek can stop again, but I'm to the point where I'm tempted to just buy another cheap yet complete bike-shaped-object over re-building frankenbike. Again, maybe not the most responsible approach but definitely the most affordable.

Current beer-scale: 8.9 and I'm home for a weekday, break out the rye!

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