stir crazy

Recently I've been battling a bit of cabin fever. After the holidays my runs with the dog have picked back up, but that still leaves the majority of the day to sit around and job search and whatever else I can think of to fill each day. Battling depression takes less time than you might think, especially if you're prepared to let go and accept things every once in a while. On top of job searching, I've also been looking for a decent bike trainer I can set up. If I don't have a job to ride to, I still want to at least peddle something. Running is fine but eventually I'd like to bike commute again without my ass killing me for the first month.

The real miracle of the internet age is that if you're looking to buy something specific, you'll find it eventually if you know where to look. Specifically, I was looking for a wind trainer in Chicago that I could pick up cheap and not have to worry about shipping. I found it earlier this week, and won it on ebay for 50 bucks.
I picked it up this morning and set up was easier than I expected. Before getting the bike on, the hardest part was setting up the second bedroom to function as more than just the treadmill room.

eventually turned into this
Not too bad. Putting the raleigh in with its bolt-on wheels was a little tricky but I think it will work. A riser for the front wouldn't be a bad idea either if it helps steady the set up, I never have the most faith in my balance sitting still.
Again, a good way to fill some time and get riding again. It's entirely possible all it will take to get a job offer is finding a different way to keep riding, but until then at least I can ride.

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Still here

No, nothing as dramatic as another dooring or crash to shake me off the posting, just the routine of the everyday. With the holidays gone the luster of posting through winter has worn off. It's cold out.Still chasing down interviews, still not biking b/c I have nowhere to go. Actually looking at trainers while I'm home all day with very little to do except eat, nap, and feel sorry for myself. And hence the non-posting.
That's way more enthusiasm than I can muster these days, but good for her for enjoying the beach.

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