Wrap it up

So that's it for 2012.

Not too shabby. 3100 miles, with some serious new baby time off. And I haven't even had to get the beater bike out yet.

Now I just have to sit back and wait for the bowl game.

Current beer-scale: 7.8


snuck in a few miles there

Nothing like laughing maniacally as you ride home after more than a few drinks.
Had to leave the office party a little earlier than I would have liked to get to Iron Cycles and pick up the trek after its tune-up.  Still managed to have a handful of whiskeys before leaving, more than enough to get me in bad shape today.  But riding home was fun.

Bike rides great, good to have it back.  Too bad it's going on the rack for the rest of the bad weather.

Current beer-scale: a low 4.1


it's time

To class this bitch up a bit.
Current beer-scale: a reception-friendly 7.6



Yeah, it's a silly concept but my office's cookie day is actually pretty fun.
When else can I make my office smell like whiskey and not have anyone call HR?

Too bad I've had way too much sugar by now to a)pay attention to anything and b)not crash in about 5 minutes.  Awesome.

Even better, I still brought everything in on a bike, b/c the next two weeks are full of late nights and office parties that will keep me on the train, and I might as well bike while I can. 

Current beer-scale: 5.1


Not too shabby

Today puts me over 3000 miles for the year.  Not bad for missing most of April with a baby popping out and some trips in Sept and Nov. 
And it was a good week to have that looming, b/c I was dragging ass and needed some motivation to get going.  I'd expect I'll be taking some extra time off in the next couple of weeks now that I've hit the goal for the year.

Current beer-scale: 7.9 and a Dark Knight blu-ray party tonite.


I'd buy that for a dollar

It hit 70 degrees yesterday.  On Dec 3rd.  It's still in the 50's today, and the sun is actually trying to come out.  It won't last, but I'm loving it while it's here.

What I don't love?  A little boy who doesn't understand that getting less than 4 hours sleep is starting to push his father over the edge.  But then I realize that I'm honest to god someone's father, and that freaks me out enough to wake me up for a while.

Current beer-scale: 7.9.  Where's my Dark Knight blu-ray?!