life's too short

To find matching socks all the time.
Shit I must have been tired this morning.

Current beer-scale: a Friday 8. fucking 8


Hey saddlebags

If you pass me on the right just to run the red at a six-way intersection, I should have the legal recourse to punch you in the face as I pass you. Especially when it happens at every. single. light.

Seriously man, you're harshing my holiday buzz.

Current beer-scale: 6.3



Oh, is that what I'm supposed to do in pajamas?  Why would I want to sleep daddy?

Seriously, the kid is killing me.  Ear infection #3 and no sleep in three days.  If ND wasn't number 1 for the next 45 days I would have been killing people on the drive to the pediatricians' office this morning.
This is the face that will haunt my nightmares.  If I ever sleep again.

 Current beer-scale: a Monday high 8.7


ND 12-0!

 I will NEVER get tired of seeing this.

There's your Heisman candidate right there.

Current beer-scale: 9.9999999999


head on a swivel

Back on the bike this AM, head on a swivel for a Friday.  No one's paying any attention at all, making it an interesting ride.  Felt good to be back on the saddle though.  Completely different experience than driving, especially considering it took an hour to get to the daycare at the end of the day last night.  I would have been way faster on a bike.  And I will be today, as early as humanly possible.

Current beer-scale: 7.8


mush damn you

Yeah, I was part of the problem today.
Going to the police academy this afternoon, in an area where it's very difficult to get a cab back from, so screw it, I drove.

Maybe I wasn't quite part of the problem, but I was definitely witness to it.  Saw a bunch of drivers I would have called douche bags on a bike or not, but I also saw a bunch of bikers make what I would consider the absolute wrong decision if I was in the same scenario.  Basically, everyone commuting is dumb except me.

The fact that I found a spot right on the street and didn't have to go into a garage is something I'm considering a karmic award for good driving, which just reinforces that everyone else is dumb. 

It's Thursday and I can't wait to have a drink tonite.

Current beer-scale: 9.2


suck it up

Two cold commutes down Lincoln and I'm already done with it.  Spent yesterday yo-yo'ing with some doofus the entire AM, and I swear it was the same guy in the evening.  Other commuters were fine today, but there was honest-to-god snow on the ground in spots after some flurries accumulated overnight.  Not cool. 

Especially not cool since I'm staying until 7 tonite.  All in all the last full week before the holidays start is kind of sucking so far.

Current beer-scale: 9.7


And that's why it's my favorite holiday

He's a little young for the reference (and so are the daycare staffers apparently) but he seemed to be having fun. 

Current beer-scale: 7.1