I am having a drink tonite.

Probably several.  And that's why I haven't used this as a writing sample in any of my job applications out there.

Current beer-scale: 9.1 & ready for it.


Not quite as back on as I'd hoped

It's about 10 degrees today, when the average temps are closer to 39 this time of year.  Fuck.  And it's only getting colder?  Fan-fucking-tastic.  I couldn't find my facemask this morning so it was back to the train for me.

So at least I'm driving to tomorrow's interview in what's going to be below-zero temperatures.  Maybe I won't have to layer quite as much as I did for the Booth interview.

I've also found another LUC job to apply for, but I refuse to act quite as interested in this one.  After getting a token interview last time that reminded me a little too much of my last LPZ application I'm not getting excited about anything here.

I will get excited to have some drinks the next few evenings though.  Whiskey is amazing.

Current beer-scale: 8.1


Back on the horse

Finally found it in myself to get some bike work in yesterday and ride to work this morning.  Very wobbly first few revolutions but not a terrible ride. If I hadn't been on the way to work it would have been a very pleasant ride indeed.

Current beer-scale: 7.3


Thank you but no, thank you.

Ugh.  I was not kidding about not feeling so great on Tuesday, b/c this week took a turn for the crappy, literally, as it went on.  But thankfully I think that is starting to pass.

I don't feel much better though, b/c after a long day and a conversation with the wife, I decided to withdraw my application to a job at Notre Dame that I was scheduled to interview for next week.  It was a tough choice--the job was interesting and I really liked the person I had my first round interview with.  Unfortunately, neither my wife or I like the idea of commuting to Chicago/South Bend from a point inbetween, and the salary for this ND job is not enough to support a soon to be two-child household, even in South Bend. 

Once I realized that, I didn't want to waste the search committee's time, especially after just being on one where an applicant wanted a 4-day work week so he wouldn't have to move and we basically laughed at him.  It's too bad; I was looking forward to having the chance to take a day trip to ND, even for a 4-hour interview.  But I think it's the right decision.

So it's back to the grindstone, looking for something that's a better fit.  It's out there.  We just have to find each other.

Current beer-scale: 6 or 7 whiskeys tonite will hopefully burn this out of my stomach. 


Trying something new

So after a guest presentation on social media in my class last night, today I signed up for twitter as an experiment in job searching. One follower later I had a new search board and one more letter to write than I might otherwise have had. It's a promising start but we'll see how it goes.

Current beer-scale: 8.1 but not feeling great.



Christ almighty it's ridiculous out.  You'd think we were Canadian or something.
Current beer-scale: a work-related 8.6



Shit but if waiting in the cold and snow for a train at 10 PM isn't the loneliest damn view I don't know what is.

Not the funnest way to spend your wife's birthday.

Current beer-scale: 9.4 and bummed about some immediate interview feedback.