Thank you but no, thank you.

Ugh.  I was not kidding about not feeling so great on Tuesday, b/c this week took a turn for the crappy, literally, as it went on.  But thankfully I think that is starting to pass.

I don't feel much better though, b/c after a long day and a conversation with the wife, I decided to withdraw my application to a job at Notre Dame that I was scheduled to interview for next week.  It was a tough choice--the job was interesting and I really liked the person I had my first round interview with.  Unfortunately, neither my wife or I like the idea of commuting to Chicago/South Bend from a point inbetween, and the salary for this ND job is not enough to support a soon to be two-child household, even in South Bend. 

Once I realized that, I didn't want to waste the search committee's time, especially after just being on one where an applicant wanted a 4-day work week so he wouldn't have to move and we basically laughed at him.  It's too bad; I was looking forward to having the chance to take a day trip to ND, even for a 4-hour interview.  But I think it's the right decision.

So it's back to the grindstone, looking for something that's a better fit.  It's out there.  We just have to find each other.

Current beer-scale: 6 or 7 whiskeys tonite will hopefully burn this out of my stomach. 

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