productive October

I guess this turned out to be a quiet month.  If it hadn't been for a day off mid-way though, every weekday would have been a bike commute.  2nd best mileage month of the year, barely topped out by May thanks to BTD. 

Which makes me wonder why I'm so dammed crabby lately.  Work stress, the start of school stress, it's weighing on me a bit.  But home is great, especially now that I don't have a halloween costume to finish getting together on deadline.  And the moonshine.  Delicious moonshine waiting for me at home. 

Yeah, that's not creepy at all, is it.

Current beer-scale: 8.9


aw dammit

Had to take a trip to the bike shop yesterday after the road bike tipped over while I was getting the single speed back on the bike rack.  Dammit.  Turns out a spoke popped off and the screwhead was rattling around the rim.  It was enough to knock the wheel out of true so I took the single speed back down to ride while I get the wheel fixed.  Can't wait to see how much this costs tonite.

As an extra headache, I punctured the tube getting the screw out of the rim, and now know that the spares I had saved don't have long enough valves to fit on the road wheels.  Woo hoo, more crap to buy. 

I will admit this got me way more upset than it should have, and I'm blaming that on not drinking enough lately and having an abnormally high amount of stress at work and soon, school as well.  But I sure did wish I had some gears last night riding through a nasty path headwind. 

Current beer-scale: 9.1


True, I didn't "have" to...

But fuck it, I did anyway.

No, I didn't need to spend my lunch walking to the closest grocery store that had more moonshine.  But I didn't have to come in at all today either, and I sure as shit didn't have to sit through some asinine webinar that our new Dean sent out this morning.  But I did anyway, and now there's moonshine on my desk waiting to be taken home and enjoyed.
Current beer-scale: a Friday high 7.1 w/ND on some random CBS channel that apparently I don't get.  Fan-fucking-tastic.


It's shit

Fuck me am I tired of people.

Propose a chintzy fee to ride a bike in Chicago?  Who cares.  Get your tits in a twist over this proposal and freak out about it?  Who cares.  Almost run me over on your way out of an alley b/c you weren't paying attention?  Who cares.  The old boss is moving jobs b/c of awkwardness with the new boss? 

Well, I actually care about that one, but only b/c it means even more awkwardness as we build a search for the new Assoc Dean.  Not awesome though.

Ultimately, I've finished a bottle of apple pie moonshine in just over a week and I'm going to have to find another bottle this weekend.  And I'm fighting off the urge to just say 'fuck it' and spend an hour right fucking now hunting another one down on my lunch break. 

Christ I need a drink and a burger right fucking now.

Current beer-scale: 9.2



What?  Two days in a row?  What's gotten into me?

Other than moonshine, just the usual bullshit of putting up with jerks while commuting.  Here's a tip, sunshine, if you don't want people to hop on your back wheel, pass with a little more distance and don't cut someone off.  I know I hopped on, I did it solely to bug you.  The fact that it seemed to work convinced me to keep doing it.  Learn some fucking manner dipshit.

Current beer-scale: 5.9 and Friday moonshine a'coming.


Late nights make for a long week

So I survived a week with the wife out of town, only to have to stay late multiple times this week. Not fun, and making me wonder what possessed me to apply to grad school. But the moon sure did look amazing reflecting on the lak on the ride home tonite.

Current beer-scale: 7.2 and enjoying the apple pie moonshine quite a bit.



The new boss was surprised to see me still riding on a 45 degree morning and asked me how I cope with the colder temps.

"Wear more clothes, and that's about it!"

And that's about all you can do.  Control what you can control and try not to worry too much about everything else.  Words to live by and wise thought for Monday morning.

Current beer-scale: 8.1



So the boy was home yesterday after having a bit of a fever Sunday night.  Nothing too high, but I didn't mind staying home an extra day.  Over the course of the day though, he started to get a few rashy bumps pop up, and he's home today again. 

Called the daycare to say he wasn't coming in again, and he's kid #7 out right now, thanks to a hand, foot, and mouth outbreak.  Dammit.  Not only does it sound like something that would make cattle sick, it probably means he's home again tomorrow.  Which is fine, b/c I was going to be home anyway thanks to his 18-month check up, but that also means he's coming with me to the vet too for the dog's senior wellness check.  That should be interesting.

Current beer-scale: a punch-drunk 3 hours sleep 7.8