aw dammit

Had to take a trip to the bike shop yesterday after the road bike tipped over while I was getting the single speed back on the bike rack.  Dammit.  Turns out a spoke popped off and the screwhead was rattling around the rim.  It was enough to knock the wheel out of true so I took the single speed back down to ride while I get the wheel fixed.  Can't wait to see how much this costs tonite.

As an extra headache, I punctured the tube getting the screw out of the rim, and now know that the spares I had saved don't have long enough valves to fit on the road wheels.  Woo hoo, more crap to buy. 

I will admit this got me way more upset than it should have, and I'm blaming that on not drinking enough lately and having an abnormally high amount of stress at work and soon, school as well.  But I sure did wish I had some gears last night riding through a nasty path headwind. 

Current beer-scale: 9.1

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