Believe it or not it's still January

First real snow ride this afternoon, going home early to attend an online meeting in relative comfort.  Trudged through it, nothing outrageous.  But enough to have me doubting whether I'll ride tomorrow. 

When the only thought in my head (other than "watch out for that car") is "I really hate doing this in these conditions," there doesn't seem there's a point to making myself do it again.

Current beer-scale: 7.8


the fuck?

It's 61 degrees today.  I rode in shorts.  It's January 29th.  Utterly insane, and I'm filling this day away for when it's in the teens as it certainly will be sometime in March.

Thankfully, I think I saw speedy-guy from yesterday.  If it was the same guy he's okay, but going much slower today.  Smart thinking guy.

Current beer-scale: 7.8


get spoiled

I hear from a lot of riders that they'd rather have it dry and 5 degrees vs wet and 40 during the winter and spring.  And I think those people are out of their fucking minds.

I'll take wet and having to wipe a bike down after each ride any day of the week to having to wear plastic bags under two pairs of socks to keep my toes.  For the most part I quite enjoyed my ride this morning.

There was a slightly disturbing moment when I saw a car with a grocery cart stuck under it, only to get closer and realize it was someone's bike.  But the guy was up and walking around so he was (hopefully) mostly okay, and he had passed me rudely a few blocks earlier anyway.  Not saying he deserved whatever happened, but there are certain conditions that it doesn't pay to turn into a sprint, and a wet January morning is one of those times.

Still better than the train.

Current beer-scale: 7.8 w/some awesome Harp at home.


How to make me take an instant dislike to you

Have a seat on a crowded brown line, get up as soon as the doors close on the stop before yours and move directly in front of the people who have been standing the entire ride home.

Get off the train and go fuck yourself guy.

Current beer-scale: 8.2


Fuck that

Yes, it's goddamn freezing
I'll admit, I feel like a bit of a pussy this morning for taking the train.  There have been times where I talked myself into still riding when it was even colder.  But then my mustache freezes after about 15 seconds and then I realize I don't have anything to prove riding in weather this cold.

It will warm up again eventually.  It has to, otherwise no one would ever live in this god-forsaken part of the country.  I'm freezing my ever-loving balls off out here.

Current beer-scale: 8.7



Sometimes when it gets cold enough I think I get in a bad enough mood that my body temp goes up a few degrees.  I rode in to work today with a real fire in the belly so to speak.

It's easy to be in a shitty mood when your kid is sick and you're not sleeping.  Throw in temperatures in the low teens and that's pretty much a blueprint for one of my worst-case scenarios.  Mid-afternoon meetings?  Even better.

Current beer-scale: 9.2 if only I can make it until dinner.



Any response on the petition to start building a Death Star?


Sometimes it's easy to get behind this administration.

Current beer-scale: 4.6



Licking my wounds today, glad to have taken the day off. Now if I could just get the motivation to go outside.

Current beer-scale: 2.1


I'm not superstitious...

But I am a little stitious.

I used the same mug all football season on Saturdays, even took it to Vegas with me so I could keep the streak alive for the BYU game.  And that's all I've used it for since August.

So here it is at my office for my morning cup today.  I'm not saying it will make a difference, I'm not saying it matters at all.  But I feel better having made it the full season with the mug, and can't wait to see the game tonite.

Current beer-scale: a nice and steady 6.8, with 4 tallboy IPA's and a big ND mug waiting for me at home.


No shit.

Yeah, it was 11 degrees this morning, but at least the roads were 99% clear.

When does spring get here?

Current beer-scale: 9.1