Noooooooooooo! Overdone...

We got a call over the weekend from the inlaws, saying they were at "the meat store" and asking if we wanted anything.  Never one to turn down free meat, I said to pick us up some steaks.

"The meat store?" I asked.  Don't they mean the butcher?

No, apparently they meant the meat store, b/c they were at a meat warehouse in the west loop that sounded absolutely crazy.  And they came back with the best looking t-bones I've seen in a while, and some fatty looking ribeyes.
That's the ribeyes on the grill last night.  If I had taken them off then, I likely would have been in heaven.  Unfortunately I let my paranoia about how thick they were ruin me, and I left them on until they hit medium.  Just about right for the wife, too much for me.  Bummer.

But they were still tasty, and I know to take it a little easier on the t-bones next time.  Not a bad way to wrap up a weekend that included a trip to Thomas day and some day drinking on Saturday.

Current beer-scale: an unhappy Monday 8.4


the home stretch

I didn't get any job rejection emails last Friday and it felt like a victory.  So after finding a couple of interesting jobs to apply to this week I was hoping it would happen again and I'd head into the weekend on a high note.  No such luck.  Literally, immediately after I published the first draft of this post.  Which is great, b/c I'm fucking exhausted and I'm pretty much done at my current job.

Even better, it's Air & Water show weekend, which means I couldn't even go for a LSC ride yesterday without people stopping in the middle of what they were doing to gape at the Blue Angels practicing.  God I hate this weekend.

Current beer-scale: 9.1 & looking forward to it.


Oops, too late

Here's an idea: if you want people to come to your early morning meeting on a day when we have a 6 PM meeting planned, maybe invite them before noon on Sunday.  B/c when I see an automated note pop up on my ipad at home on Sunday turning my Monday into a 12-hour day it makes me feel homicidal.

And of course, not everyone gets in on time anyway.

Too bad too, b/c here I was feeling good that at least I didn't get any "thanks but no thanks" emails the previous Friday.  Instead I ended up grinding my teeth all day Sunday and now that I'm here I'm counting down the hours until I get to leave.  Good times.

Current beer-scale: 9.5