let's GO already

Free lunch is never a bad way to wrap up a short week.
What?  You mean I have to stay until the end of the day?  Nuts to that.  It's a holiday weekend. 

Current beer-scale: 9.1



If you've ridden 10 mid-day miles in late August and stopped by 7-11 before heading into a meeting, always go with the bigger slurpee size.

I'm dying here people.  Thankfully we only have two more hours to go. Guh.

Current beer-scale: 8.8


dog days

 Looks like someone's trip to the beach tired her OUT. 
Nice to know some things never change.
Current beer-scale: 5.7


Ah, dammit

I was all set to make fun of having to go to baptism class last night. Until one lady explained she was coming down from the WI border b/c her sister, who had just succumbed to cancer, was originally going to be her pick for godmother and went to the church hosting the class.

Damn. People are taking this seriously.

And even though the woman running the class did NOT look like she appreciated the one thing I did say the entire time, it ended up not being too terrible. At least monster baby slept through most of it.

Current beer-scale: 8.9



Our AC crapped out last night, which made the baby's 3 AM feeding a disaster of epic proportions.  And that was before the yoga ball we use to bounce him to sleep ended up with a hole in it.  So I'm tired as all fuck today, putting me in a great mood to go to some baptism class tonite.  It looks like I'm really not doing anything productive today, so let's review my crappy lunch instead.
Seen those commercials with people dancing all around the room as they shake up their frozen just add juice smoothie?  I'm not a dancer but I do enjoy the occasional smoothie.  So when we saw them this weekend we picked up a few.  Being lazy, it's easy to grab a bottle of juice and a tube of frozen goo for lunch, so it fit the bill today.  Turns out when you're exhausted and crabby some overly sweet fruit slush isn't quite as appealing. 
This stuff is pretty much idiot proof.  See that line?  Don't fill it up past that.
Then shake.

Ultimately you end up with some puke-colored fruit-based liquid.  A different juice would probably go a long way towards turning this experience positive, but apple was all I could get my hands on. 
After eating about 75% of it, my stomach is starting to churn a little bit.  Which might not be a terrible thing.  If I spend most of the afternoon in the bathroom, at least I can play games on my phone.  Hopefully it will help the rest of the day pass at a quicker pace. 

All of these factors have planted me directly in the "meh" camp on this first experience.  Getting past the color and extreme sweetness, the convenience and portability outweigh any outright negatives.  I would try it again, but not expect much out of it. 

Current beer-scale: 9.2