Old legs get older

Woof.  First commute as a 35-year old this morning, and it was a doozy.  Still on the single speed, and got passed a little too close for my liking coming around the curve at Fullerton.  So I hopped on and stayed with him until my exit.  It didn't feel too bad while it was happening but I feel a little rubbery now.  Not in a bad way though.

I can't believe I got this old.  And to think, I've got another one on the way in a few months, life has a way of keeping you young not matter how old you say you are.  Good times.

Current beer-scale: I'm buying Guinness at lunch so it's pretty high.


Let's just say

someone is going to lose his shit when he wakes up tomorrow.
Best $30 we've spent in a while, but I'll admit to not knowing what the wife spent on my great presents either.

Current beer-scale: 7.6 & enjoying a nice bed whiskey


Well shit

Got turned down for one of my top-three jobs this morning, making it pretty difficult to pay attention at work today.  I guess it was a minor victory to even hear back from this job considering it was at the Dept of Ed and I applied through the online systems so thousands of people probably applied.  But minor victories don't really get me out of a job that I dread going to these days. 

Current beer-scale: 8.5 & rising as family is about to come in for the boy's birthday


Well fuuuuuck

Cheesecake's gone.

Back in the office.

It snowed last night.

Job searching sucks.

March is the worst.

Current beer-scale: 8.1


I've got some time off so...

S'mores cheesecake?
S'mores cheesecake.
Not too shabby. A little busy, and not quite done in the very middle, but seems to be worth the effort.

Now for a pair of interviews. Why are the days off always busier than the work ones?

Current beer-scale: 8.1


And that's worth a drink or two

Nothing like getting up at 3:45 AM with a sick toddler to start the day you were planning on trying to get a deal on a new car. To say I'm fucking exhausted at this point would be a fairly large understatement.

But things ended up going alright. We had a Journey in mind and we went back to the same dealer we got the caliber from since we had a positive experience last time.  It got stressful b/c there was a little more pushing/pulling to actually get a number we could live with as far as trade-in value/MSRP of actual car, but we got there eventually.  And we just drove home in a huge SUV, something I never thought I would say.
Turns out our garage is just the right size, b/c if it was about a foot shorter we would have been screwed.  But we can get two car seats in w/o feeling claustrophobic, and the dog will still fit too, thanks to the third row of fold down seating in the back.  This thing is crazy.  

Current beer-scale: 7.5


You're goddam right

This is me in a matter of hours.  I can only count the seconds.
Current beer-scale: 8.9


For fucks sake

With baby #2 on her way the wife and I are getting pretty close to pulling the trigger on a bigger vehicle.  She reminded me I've got a few fees left on my account that weren't covered by my employee tuition benefit that I should pay off before we go get a credit check, and since I've spent this week listening to students tell me how the Bursars office has mis-billed them, I realized I should check my own statement more closely before just automatically paying whatever was left.

And motherfucker wouldn't you know it, a third of the bill was late fees.  Which is ridiculous, since it was HR paying the tuition in the first place.  And now that I've only look at that at 9:30 PM, I get to stew about it until I can calmly and rationally get it fixed tomorrow.  Good fucking times.

Current beer-scale: high



Okay, the dog might love it but this has got to stop.

Current beer-scale: a day off post-whiskey & snow 5.6


Ever in your favor

The odds are indeed getting better!  Good things DO happen when you ride a bike.

Current beer-scale: 8.1


I'm pretty much done at this point

I drafted a resignation letter this morning, just to make myself feel a little better.  What the hell, I can at least be fake productive.  As the productivity of the job search trends down so does my self-esteem. 

It reminds me of when I was so fed up at MADD I would spend court dates hammering away at a palm pilot instead of paying attention, sitting in court by myself for hours waiting for a 90 second hearing.  At least there’s no travel here, and it’s not what I would call life and death. 

I also panicked after reading that some auto-resume readers can’t read PDF files, which is of course what I primarily use.  So I spent an hour created a new Word resume, also a pretty depressing experience.  I guess it never hurts to update your materials.

What a depressing time.  Getting an interview call for the first job I applied for had me thinking this would be an easier process this time around.  Getting one almost immediately after starting a twitter account made me think this would be easier.  Finding a few really interesting park district jobs had me hoping I could find something to get really excited about, but each time that positive feeling just 
peters out after a few days turn into a few weeks.  Bummer.

It’s not overly difficult to deal with b/c I have it pretty great at home with an adorable soon-to-be-2-year old and a wife about to have another one in July.  Home is an oasis of joy.  But to pay for it I have to slog through a job I’m really starting to not like, and the encroaching depression of not hearing back from any of these more interesting positions is starting to drag me down. 

That’s where the whiskey comes in.

Current beer-scale: 9.3


I agree

Although I am a little out of practice.  Still feels nice to fancy things up a bit.
 Current beer-scale: 8.1 and hoping to get some interview calls this week.