I'm pretty much done at this point

I drafted a resignation letter this morning, just to make myself feel a little better.  What the hell, I can at least be fake productive.  As the productivity of the job search trends down so does my self-esteem. 

It reminds me of when I was so fed up at MADD I would spend court dates hammering away at a palm pilot instead of paying attention, sitting in court by myself for hours waiting for a 90 second hearing.  At least there’s no travel here, and it’s not what I would call life and death. 

I also panicked after reading that some auto-resume readers can’t read PDF files, which is of course what I primarily use.  So I spent an hour created a new Word resume, also a pretty depressing experience.  I guess it never hurts to update your materials.

What a depressing time.  Getting an interview call for the first job I applied for had me thinking this would be an easier process this time around.  Getting one almost immediately after starting a twitter account made me think this would be easier.  Finding a few really interesting park district jobs had me hoping I could find something to get really excited about, but each time that positive feeling just 
peters out after a few days turn into a few weeks.  Bummer.

It’s not overly difficult to deal with b/c I have it pretty great at home with an adorable soon-to-be-2-year old and a wife about to have another one in July.  Home is an oasis of joy.  But to pay for it I have to slog through a job I’m really starting to not like, and the encroaching depression of not hearing back from any of these more interesting positions is starting to drag me down. 

That’s where the whiskey comes in.

Current beer-scale: 9.3

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