theclymb.com review

I've had a lot of good fortune shopping online.  The wife always asks me how I can trust buying from someone I've never met on ebay or a site I've never used before.  Honestly it's not like I have a secret or anything, I'm usually just looking for very specific items and know what I find is likely to be the real deal.  There have been a few exceptions (trying to find "My So-called Life" on real dvd's before the official re-release a few years ago is the best example), but for the most part I've been happy with the experience.

Chalk my experience with theclymb.com into the positive column as well.  I've been looking for a deal on a Levi's commuter parka for a while, and I found one on ebay for $65 the other day.  Before I got into a bidding war I thought I'd do one last google search, and what did you know theclymb had them for $50 in all sizes.  I had randomly signed up for an account there a while ago but hadn't bought anything yet, so once I got a password reminder I was set to check out.  Shipping was a flat $7 but since it was good for multiple items I browsed for a minute to see if there were any other good deals out there.

Usually when I find a new site like that I'll google for customer reviews before I check out, but I was so excited about the great deal on the parka (and extra shirt) that I forgot and just bought the stuff.  Oops.  But reviews are pretty split; people either love it or hate it.  Put me down for love it.
That's a little weird.
I got a great deal, and only had to wait two days for processing and one more for shipping.  Everything was there three days before the initial estimate.  My one issue: the zipper on the parka is reversed.  But everything had tags on, it was all new, and I've got a new site to keep an eye on at work b/c their sales are constantly updating.  If you're looking for gear and find a deal on theclymb.com, you probably won't do better anywhere else. 

Current beer-scale: 8.1 & kind of enjoyed kona's IPA last night.


Sooo much to talk about

I ended up buying myself an anniversary present so the wife wouldn't feel too bad when I surprised her with what I got her as well, and had a really good experience with a website I had been a member of for a while but never bothered to use, theclymb.com.  More on that purchase in the future.

Right now I want to focus on finally breaking the 1000 mile mark for the year and the joys of having a 25 mile commute day.  It's no secret I'm not really in love with my job right now, but any excuse to ride an extra couple of miles and I'm on board. 
So that's my day so far. About 15 miles, with an evening commute still to come.  But cheezy petes am I exhausted.  I'm actually so tired I'm nauseous, and that's with slamming coffee, coke, and a pizza bagel so far today.  It's not helping that I keep getting job rejection emails too, with nary an interview request in sight.  Not really feeling up to a PM ride if I'm being honest, but I'm kind of out of options right now. 

Oh well.  You do what you can, drink what you've got, and fuck all the rest.

Current beer-scale: 9.3


Time flies

We've been a little busy so it's been under the radar, but today is my 8-year wedding anniversary.  With a baby at home we don't have anything fancy planned other than going to bed as soon as possible, but I already can't believe a) it's been 8 years, and b) that baby is going to be a month old already.  Jeez.

I felt bad yesterday b/c I forgot to grab some pictures of the baby to bring to work.  I've basically plastered the walls with pictures of the boy, it's only fair the girl gets her fair share as well.  We've been getting hassled by the grandparents for not putting more pictures of her on the tumblr we started for her, but it's easy to forget that a one month old isn't doing much other than eating, pooping, and crying.  Occasionally there's some sleep sprinkled in there, and I'm starting to think the smiles she's making is more than just gas now, but that's about it.  Pictures will get more interesting in a couple more months. 

Until then, I've remedied the situation and put a pair of pictures up.  Which is better than nothing, even though I have more Kona beer pictures up than that.  I'm still hoping I'll have a new office to put things in sooner rather than later anyway.  I don't want to have to pull a Homer here: "don't forget, you're here forever." 

Current beer-scale: 8.1



Well it's back to it this morning, and I'm not exactly crazy about it.  But I've managed to look busy and if I'm stuck at a desk at least I can put the boy's movies on his ipad.

It was a pretty obnoxious ride in this morning too.  It's not pleasant for a lot of reasons.  It's impossible to leave a wife and baby at home without feeling bad, but add to that I've become the bad guy now that I have to drop the boy off at daycare, and my overall not really appreciating this specific job right now, and it all kind of snowballs.  Into this tsunami of awfulness.

But I have a new IPA at home to try, and Labor Day is only a few weeks away.  So there's always something to look forward to.

Current beer-scale: 9.7



Went for another ride this morning, just missed this by a couple of hours.  Yikes

But I keep telling myself good things happen when you ride, and the closet I get to going back to work the more I need good things to happen. 

Current beer-scale: 7.8


And we're back!

I got permission to take my first ride since the birth of our beautiful daughter on the second,and it did not go to waste. Such an enjoyable feeling to get out there, even taking it easy.
It's been a lot easier so far this time around, but after getting some negatives back about recent interviews a long ride sounded like a good idea.  It worked pretty well last time I was job searching, and it worked pretty well again.  It might be time to take another one pretty soon.

Current beer-scale: 6.1 but looking for some big wave