Sooo much to talk about

I ended up buying myself an anniversary present so the wife wouldn't feel too bad when I surprised her with what I got her as well, and had a really good experience with a website I had been a member of for a while but never bothered to use, theclymb.com.  More on that purchase in the future.

Right now I want to focus on finally breaking the 1000 mile mark for the year and the joys of having a 25 mile commute day.  It's no secret I'm not really in love with my job right now, but any excuse to ride an extra couple of miles and I'm on board. 
So that's my day so far. About 15 miles, with an evening commute still to come.  But cheezy petes am I exhausted.  I'm actually so tired I'm nauseous, and that's with slamming coffee, coke, and a pizza bagel so far today.  It's not helping that I keep getting job rejection emails too, with nary an interview request in sight.  Not really feeling up to a PM ride if I'm being honest, but I'm kind of out of options right now. 

Oh well.  You do what you can, drink what you've got, and fuck all the rest.

Current beer-scale: 9.3

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