whelp, that backfired

Skyped with the wife from the office for the first time since the baby just now.  It was cool to have her pan around and show me him sleeping and the dog outside, but now I want to be home even more desperately than normal.  Parenthood has kind of sucked so far.

Current beer-scale: 8.7



Holy shit. That was a great episode of "Community." Current beer-scale: 8.8


worst-case scenario

It dawned on my last night I still have a spare frame attracting dust in the garage.  It's the old frankenbike road frame, which if worst comes to worst would be a suitable placeholder for the pilot's components if I can't get the frame replaced.

Actually, it might make for a pretty formidable ride.  Ugly as sin, slightly heavy, but sturdy and able to take a beating.  Plus, I could mess around with spray paint more.

Current beer-scale: 9.1 & looking for a lunch-time whiskey.


Not liking where this is going

I didn't have high expectations regarding the speed at which Trek would have a decision and (hopefully) a replacement frame for the Pilot, but I was hoping that after a month I would have at least heard something by now.  Turns out, On the Route lost the original receipt that I dropped off, and now Trek is asking for it.  Awesome.

What I'm pissed about is I wouldn't have heard anything if I hadn't come in to follow up.  OTR and their dopey new manager Jake called me back to tell me Trek was asking for the paperwork, to which I responded "Oh, the paperwork I gave you so you'd ship the bike in the first place?"

Not a good sign.

So we'll see if the frame ever gets replaced and if I ever go back to OTR.  Not looking real good at this point.  At least I had the Raleigh as a back-up.

Current beer-scale (if I ever had time to actually fucking drink): 8.7


Back to buisness

I had the unfortunate task of going back to work yesterday after two-plus weeks off with the baby.  It has not been easy to leave the house.

It helped that I was on the bike for 21 miles, up to LSC and down to WTC then home, but not enough to make it worthwhile.  Bummer. The trek is still MIA as well, I have to find time to follow up on that.  Commuting might be a little easier to deal with on a nicer bike, b/c as much as it sucks I've got to keep working.
I guess we've got to pay for this guy somehow.

Current beer-scale: 8.9, and I haven't had time to have a drink in two weeks (not since a sneaky shot of whiskey during one of the baby's late night screaming fits).


Might not be around for a while; our 9 lbs 4 oz son was born on the first and hopefully going home tomorrow. Exciting times. Current beer-scale: infinite