Not liking where this is going

I didn't have high expectations regarding the speed at which Trek would have a decision and (hopefully) a replacement frame for the Pilot, but I was hoping that after a month I would have at least heard something by now.  Turns out, On the Route lost the original receipt that I dropped off, and now Trek is asking for it.  Awesome.

What I'm pissed about is I wouldn't have heard anything if I hadn't come in to follow up.  OTR and their dopey new manager Jake called me back to tell me Trek was asking for the paperwork, to which I responded "Oh, the paperwork I gave you so you'd ship the bike in the first place?"

Not a good sign.

So we'll see if the frame ever gets replaced and if I ever go back to OTR.  Not looking real good at this point.  At least I had the Raleigh as a back-up.

Current beer-scale (if I ever had time to actually fucking drink): 8.7

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