Ugh. I came down with a bad case of "fuck-this-I'm-riding-home" a little early today, and ride home I did. Nice and wet the entire way, just in time to walk the dog once the rain stopped. Good times.

Current beer-scale: 6.7


And that's why

Two tubs of formula
ziploc bags
Little Tummies gas relief
Ipad & case
bike pump & tools
two tupperware containers & a coffee creamer nalgeen

Plenty of room to spare.  As much as I loved the bag that had been through ten years of wear and tear with me, it never would have gotten all of that home in one trip.  Cool cool cool.

Current beer-scale: 7.1

And speaking of beer, I could have even fit some in the bag as packed too.  That is awesome.


holy crap that's a huge bag

I finally bit the bullet and upgraded my bag.  It was time.  The "duct tape and hope" approach to commuting with a bag full of crap had reached its conclusion.
I went with a personalized timbuk2 messenger, and decided to go with the large over the medium.  Holy crap that's big.  This morning I had a new towel, a pair of clean shirts, and a full lunch to bring to work, which with all my usual bike tools in the old bag would have barely fit.  It barely made a dent in this monster.
A Bears-orange-and-blue number looked pretty good too, but the Chicago flag motif just spoke to me.  Once I found the right star patches to put on that was it.  We're only one commute in, but it's a big thumbs up so far.

We'll see how it handles a few containers of baby formula in the next week or two.

Current beer-scale: 7.7 


Now that's a day off

An extra day off, a trip to wrigley, then pequods. Even with drunk sox fans that's a great day.
Current beer-scale: 4.7


It's actually floating

Holy crap.

Trek did warranty the pilot frame, and I picked it up a brand new madone 5.9 today after commencement along with all the old components. Holy shit is it light.

It's still boxed up, I haven't even looked at it yet, but it was practically blowing away as I carried it home. Wow. Can't wait to get it built and take a spin. Carrying the components was another story. I had to haggle with the shop to get them to throw in the milk crate they were in if they were going to charge me at all. Good fucking times. Even better, I forgot the wheel set, so I came back with the dog later. That was fun at least.

Now that commencement is over, I'm one beer in already, the baby's sleeping on my shoulder, and eventually I'll be able to get up and have yet another drink. Life is good. Current beer-scale: 6.6



Why is it, when I leave during the middle of commuting rush-hour I'm surrounded by roadfreaks, but I leave an hour later and I'm the fastest thing on two wheels?

Give it a rest speed freaks.  It's so much easier to race around with no one else out there.

Current beer-scale: 9.2


I miss the road

I miss having a road bike.  Hopefully not for much longer, but we'll see. 

In other news, I managed to have three drinks last night.  All at a work function, all on the up and up.  It was fantastic, until I had to get up this morning.  Woof.

Current beer-scale: 6.6


To my fellow commuters/cyclists/travellers/humans

whatever you want to call yourselves.

Pointing to a stop sign and yelling at cars while you blow through the very same stop sign on your bike kind of defeats the point.  Your argument is outweighed by your idiocy.  Slow/calm the fuck down and maybe things will seem a little better.


Current beer-scale: 8.7


a beautiful sight

After a long stretch of rough nights, it was beautiful to see the little man actually close his eyes as I was getting ready to leave this morning.  Of course that made me want to scoop him up and not leave, but if I had to leave at least he seemed to be going down alright.

B/c christ almighty it's been rare.

Current beer-scale: 9.2