holy crap that's a huge bag

I finally bit the bullet and upgraded my bag.  It was time.  The "duct tape and hope" approach to commuting with a bag full of crap had reached its conclusion.
I went with a personalized timbuk2 messenger, and decided to go with the large over the medium.  Holy crap that's big.  This morning I had a new towel, a pair of clean shirts, and a full lunch to bring to work, which with all my usual bike tools in the old bag would have barely fit.  It barely made a dent in this monster.
A Bears-orange-and-blue number looked pretty good too, but the Chicago flag motif just spoke to me.  Once I found the right star patches to put on that was it.  We're only one commute in, but it's a big thumbs up so far.

We'll see how it handles a few containers of baby formula in the next week or two.

Current beer-scale: 7.7 

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