The wind is back this morning and conditions are crazy out there. I would have taken pictures but I got taken down by a wave and everything got soaked, including my now-dead Droid. Dammit.

Even worse, I went down on an elbow and now there's a hole in both my jacket and my wool jersey. Fuck. At least the jacket will look tough with a patch on it.

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Explain it to me.

Seriously what is wrong with people. The first morning it's not raining all week and someone takes the time to roll down their window and hurl obscenities at me while I'm riding down Wilson. Traffic was moving, I wasn't in anyone's way, the sun was coming out, but this guy felt butthurt to the point of rolling down the passenger window of his Escape and telling me to get off the road and go fuck myself.

What am I supposed to do at that point? I'm in my bike area and he's not too close, so I didn't necessarily feel threatened. What I felt was dumbfounded at why this guy was screaming at me and what his problem really was this morning. Unfortunately the more I think about it the angrier I get but there's nothing to be done at this point. I'm at work in one piece, and I'll be back out there when it's time to go home. The control I have over things ends at my handlebars. All I can hope for is that things don't get crazier than I can handle I guess.

Damn I need a drink this morning.

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violet hour

Shit but it is fucking DARK between fullerton and diversy on the path these days. There were a surprising number of people still out too.

I can't believe we don't fall back until early November this year. It's going to be dark all the time. If it wasn't for the apples fall would completely blow.

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Oh that's rough

The dog has the amazing ability to make it 1000x more difficult to leave the house when I come home early to get ready to go to an evening meeting. Today it was stopping by the house before heading up to Rogers Park, only to have her stare at me as I was leaving after a surprise walk around the block.
It was a great day to leave early though: in the 70's at 1 PM with almost no headwind to fight. God I wish it was still June.

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It might not be fall for another two weeks but I hate this time of year. Yesterday's commute home was through a hellacious headwind, and tonite's looks to go around a fashion show commemorating the opening of a new shop where Borders used to be. Yahoo.
And yes, that is a line of idiots waiting to get into the store when the doors actually open. I cannot wait for this fucking week to be over.


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Cue Mr. Nelson

Give us a long weekend and a car that runs and is fun to drive and we'll think of something to do. Especially after a lousy Notre Dame game.

Actually, it took us a while to figure out what exactly we wanted to do with our Labor Day. We were headed to a forest preserve in the burbs to give the dog somewhere to run around but once we were on the road that changed into a trip to the Indiana Dunes. It ended up being the right thing to do.

The dog was a little restless when we left. I don't think it helped that we were all the way to 294 south when we decided to switch destinations. She was expecting the suburbs, and got two hours in the car instead. Everything was forgotten once we made it there though. The next time I feel the urge to go to a beach this is where I'm heading. It wouldn't be a trip to the dunes if we didn't climb them too. Even the dog was panting by the time we made it to the top, but that's more b/c she was freaking nearly the entire time we were there.
So she was plenty tired for the ride home.
A trip like that fascinates me these days. When I was a kid I didn't like taking trips like that. My parents never ended up anywhere I thought was worth the time in the car. It could have been just growing up in the middle of nowhere, it could have been my parents were idiots. But now that I'm in charge it's a lot more fun, even though it's nearly impossible to feel like you're doing anything remotely spontaneous when you can look up anything on a phone and instantly find GPS to anywhere. Makes me really look forward to driving to Kansas City for a wedding in a few weeks.

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And by "football" I mean NFL, a week away still.  It didn't even dawn on me that Notre Dame starts their season in two days, which pretty much scrapped any Saturday plans the wife and I might have had. 

As fun as it will be to have football to watch this weekend and Oktoberfests to drink I'm a little down.  To be this "meh" about ND football is a bummer.  Maybe it's not having the high expectations that everyone else seems to have, maybe it's preparing myself for falling short of those expectations, maybe it's just that we've had a shit-ton of other stuff going over the summer and not having had time to miss football.  Or maybe I'm just a little older than I thought and I have other things to get excited about.  Whatever the reason it's a downer. 

But football is here dammit, so let's get it on!

Current beer-scale: 8.9