And by "football" I mean NFL, a week away still.  It didn't even dawn on me that Notre Dame starts their season in two days, which pretty much scrapped any Saturday plans the wife and I might have had. 

As fun as it will be to have football to watch this weekend and Oktoberfests to drink I'm a little down.  To be this "meh" about ND football is a bummer.  Maybe it's not having the high expectations that everyone else seems to have, maybe it's preparing myself for falling short of those expectations, maybe it's just that we've had a shit-ton of other stuff going over the summer and not having had time to miss football.  Or maybe I'm just a little older than I thought and I have other things to get excited about.  Whatever the reason it's a downer. 

But football is here dammit, so let's get it on!

Current beer-scale: 8.9

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