I love getting ready for Halloween.
Not bad for a $10 old navy sweatsuit and some felt.
But I also hate it, b/c by the time the work is done, you realize your two day-old pumpkin is already too banged up and rotten to carve, and it's going to be too cold on the 31st to wear anything other than a winter coat anyway.  Oops.

That's if I can even convince the kid to wear a costume anyway.  Oh well.  I was really looking forward to carving a pumpkin last night but we made the best of it.  Got out the chalkboard paint instead and then the chalk markers.  Didn't turn out too bad.
Would have looked better carved though.
Now is the part where I mention I just have to make it to Friday, b/c I hate my job and each day is slowly bleeding the life out of me.  I need a beer.

Current beer-scale: 9.3



Nothing like having a few beers and ordering a pizza to get an ass-kicking off your mind.

Hey, wait a second...oh those fuckers.
I guess we'll have to find some other way to ease the pain these days. 

For fuck's sake.

Current beer-scale: 7.1


Father of the year

Sometimes fatherhood means sacrifice.  Like when your team is playing in a top-five primetime match up and your son is watching Toy Story.  Guess who got the tv and who got the ipad?
It's the little things that make a difference.  Floor time with daddy is fun anyway.

Current beer-scale: 9.1


take that vegetarians

I guess that's not too bad for day old steak at room temperature.  It's the little things that keep you going on the long weeks.
And this has been one of the long weeks.  But there's football, pumpkins, and chilli in my future, all with some beers mixed in too.  That'll be a good time.

Current beer-scale: 8.2


So enjoy the ride

You never know where the day is going to take you.  I woke up this morning dreading spending another day in the office, and suddenly I found myself at the pediatrician's office instead.  And I liked that a lot better actually, even with the puke.

My boss saw me leaving in a full suit yesterday, so I think it would be pretty easy for him to figure out I was on my way to an interview.  I wasn't really looking forward to getting asked about it today, but then I got an email from another application I've got out for a supplemental questionnaire and that took up most of my attention.  Just as I was finishing that, the wife called saying our son was refusing to get off the floor and barfing all over the daycare, so there I was on my way home.  

A ride home, a nap, a webinar, more puke, a doctor's appointment, it all made for a much more enjoyable day than I initially expected.  I feel bad saying that too, since even though it's not serious he now has a fever and it's going to be a long night, but I liked it way more than a day in the office.  

Current beer-scale: a tired 6.6


Get up, get down, get a drink

I was feeling a little down about the job search so I went back to reread some of my 2009-10 posts from when I was completely unemployed the other day.  They actually made me feel even worse, b/c I might have been completely out of work then but it seemed like I was in a better mood most of the time.  And, the dog looked so young and happy in all of the pics I posted of her.  Her tearing her ACL has really been a downer. 

Maybe it was easier to feel positive when I was totally unemployed since it was spring.  Looking for a new job all year to the point where it's fall already isn't really helping my attitude.  The closer we get to the end of the year the smaller my window is to get out of here, which does not make me feel good about prospects. 

But then I get a late email from another university about a similar position, and I have an interview set up for Monday.  If I nail the interview and the pay is above where I'm at now, I'm out of here.  Two big "ifs," but that's enough to get through the next couple of days.  Drinks, football, interview prep, sounds like a good weekend. 

Current beer-scale: 7.1


It's not perfect

but in the end what is.

That lock is a monster.  Heavy as shit, too big to put anywhere in my frame with the clip, just where exactly am I supposed to put it on my bike if I can't leave it on the rack?
Eh, it fits at least.

Plus, it makes the bike sooooooo much heavier to carry up and down the stairs at Chicago.  Woof.  That's a very noticeable 4+ lbs.

Current beer-scale: an I-don't-want-to-be-at-work 8.8


At least I got a new lock out of it

Man, after getting horrifically sick last weekend and finally riding back in to work today, the last thing I needed to see was the absence of my good old ulock on the rack when I got in.  But there it was (not), and it kind of pissed me off.

Granted, I had my chain with me b/c I take it back and forth and could still lock up, but I've already had to replace one lock when the indoor parking closed and damned if I was going to replace another one after getting it cut off without notice.  So I calmly called around the security office, and suggested they replace my ulock.  Imagine my surprise when they delivered a new kryptonite series 4 to my office later this morning. 

This place drives me nuts sometimes.

Current beer-scale: 8.9