If only my powers were used for good...

If thanksgiving's shown me anything, it's that a two-step baking process can easily be stretched out to a five or six-step afternoon filler. Baking and frosting cookies proved to be no exception.Dough by hand, frosting by hand with food coloring. Give me all afternoon to do some holiday work and I'll make a joke out of it somehow.

I also tried a classic from my childhood, a pineapple roll -log you slice and shape into a christmas tree when they get baked. This one doesn't need any stretching, as you're already working with yeast and letting the dough refrigderate for 2-3 days before rolling it out and combining the filling. It's already crazy complicated, so let's hope it tastes like it should on top of taking up two days of my time.

Current beer-scale: ditched for whiskey. It is the holidays afterall.


the unemployment beard gains steam

I realized last night as the wife went to bed that unemployment has effected me to the point of even shifting my sleep cycle. Part of that is probably my starting to take advantage of having the entire day free to take a nap after running. There are few things I enjoy more than getting back into bed after a 7-degree run with the dog and a quick shower. But that also keeps me out of bed later and later into the night.

Of course that means I'm starting to get more and more unemployed and trying not to worry about it. After going a week without an interview getting me to shave, my whiskers have transitioned to a full-fledged beardling. Not quite a beard but almost.

The search continues, and really it's just more of the same. Occasionally something will really catch my interest but within two weeks of Christmas, I doubt anyone will be doing any hiring until after new years. With no other choice I guess I can wait. I need to read up on interview tips anyway, based on prior engagements.

Still, staying home with the dog has really grown on me. I have no idea how either of us will adjust if I ever find gainful employment again. And right now, I'm not in a real hurry to find out.

Current beer-scale: 9.2


If unemployment=couch time vs biking to work in -15 degrees

then unemployment it is.

The wife headed out of town for a girls weekend today, and guess who got to get up and drive her to O'Hare in below zero temps and all the wintery pain in the ass that goes with it. Woo hoo frozen doors, wipers, and traffic.

Despite the weather, I'm missing riding the bike around town. I could always just head out to head out, but at 10 below I'm a little hesitant. Inside time, although depressing, is easier to handle.

The job search slogs along, with two interviews recently and nothing to show for them. The window for things to happen before the holidays is once again closing, so I'm begining to accept the idea of lounging about for the rest of the month. Watching Die Hard, christmas episodes of Arrested Development and Venture Brothers, there are worse ways to spend your time.

Current beer-scale: 7.8


Let me check my calendar...

Yeah, I think I could fit in an interview sometime this week. My schedule is pretty open these days.

Although, now that I have it scheduled, I would prefer that the interviewer came to me vs the other way around. I'm getting quite comfortable at home, thank you. I can watch "The Office" dvd's we picked up after Thanksgiving and the dog is fun to pet too.

Hey, in the long run I'm just happy to get some new interviews scheduled. I was going a little nuts over the holiday knowing that no one's going to be hiring over Thanksgiving, and I have a limited window before Christmas. So let's go impress some people.

Current beer-scale: 7.8 and wishing I had some more SA winter lager.