If unemployment=couch time vs biking to work in -15 degrees

then unemployment it is.

The wife headed out of town for a girls weekend today, and guess who got to get up and drive her to O'Hare in below zero temps and all the wintery pain in the ass that goes with it. Woo hoo frozen doors, wipers, and traffic.

Despite the weather, I'm missing riding the bike around town. I could always just head out to head out, but at 10 below I'm a little hesitant. Inside time, although depressing, is easier to handle.

The job search slogs along, with two interviews recently and nothing to show for them. The window for things to happen before the holidays is once again closing, so I'm begining to accept the idea of lounging about for the rest of the month. Watching Die Hard, christmas episodes of Arrested Development and Venture Brothers, there are worse ways to spend your time.

Current beer-scale: 7.8

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