If only my powers were used for good...

If thanksgiving's shown me anything, it's that a two-step baking process can easily be stretched out to a five or six-step afternoon filler. Baking and frosting cookies proved to be no exception.Dough by hand, frosting by hand with food coloring. Give me all afternoon to do some holiday work and I'll make a joke out of it somehow.

I also tried a classic from my childhood, a pineapple roll -log you slice and shape into a christmas tree when they get baked. This one doesn't need any stretching, as you're already working with yeast and letting the dough refrigderate for 2-3 days before rolling it out and combining the filling. It's already crazy complicated, so let's hope it tastes like it should on top of taking up two days of my time.

Current beer-scale: ditched for whiskey. It is the holidays afterall.

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