It's actually floating

Holy crap.

Trek did warranty the pilot frame, and I picked it up a brand new madone 5.9 today after commencement along with all the old components. Holy shit is it light.

It's still boxed up, I haven't even looked at it yet, but it was practically blowing away as I carried it home. Wow. Can't wait to get it built and take a spin. Carrying the components was another story. I had to haggle with the shop to get them to throw in the milk crate they were in if they were going to charge me at all. Good fucking times. Even better, I forgot the wheel set, so I came back with the dog later. That was fun at least.

Now that commencement is over, I'm one beer in already, the baby's sleeping on my shoulder, and eventually I'll be able to get up and have yet another drink. Life is good. Current beer-scale: 6.6

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