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I've had a lot of good fortune shopping online.  The wife always asks me how I can trust buying from someone I've never met on ebay or a site I've never used before.  Honestly it's not like I have a secret or anything, I'm usually just looking for very specific items and know what I find is likely to be the real deal.  There have been a few exceptions (trying to find "My So-called Life" on real dvd's before the official re-release a few years ago is the best example), but for the most part I've been happy with the experience.

Chalk my experience with theclymb.com into the positive column as well.  I've been looking for a deal on a Levi's commuter parka for a while, and I found one on ebay for $65 the other day.  Before I got into a bidding war I thought I'd do one last google search, and what did you know theclymb had them for $50 in all sizes.  I had randomly signed up for an account there a while ago but hadn't bought anything yet, so once I got a password reminder I was set to check out.  Shipping was a flat $7 but since it was good for multiple items I browsed for a minute to see if there were any other good deals out there.

Usually when I find a new site like that I'll google for customer reviews before I check out, but I was so excited about the great deal on the parka (and extra shirt) that I forgot and just bought the stuff.  Oops.  But reviews are pretty split; people either love it or hate it.  Put me down for love it.
That's a little weird.
I got a great deal, and only had to wait two days for processing and one more for shipping.  Everything was there three days before the initial estimate.  My one issue: the zipper on the parka is reversed.  But everything had tags on, it was all new, and I've got a new site to keep an eye on at work b/c their sales are constantly updating.  If you're looking for gear and find a deal on theclymb.com, you probably won't do better anywhere else. 

Current beer-scale: 8.1 & kind of enjoyed kona's IPA last night.

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