now that sounds good

It was a rough night last night; I got a pretty bleak report on how the day with the baby went when I got home last night, so I offered to take the put-down shift and the first overnight shift feeding the little monster.  Yes, pat myself on the back.  Only now I want to die I'm so tired.

I put her down a little after 11 PM, and she was up a little before 2 AM to eat.  Not too bad, but we ended up staying up until around 4, which made for a rough start for today.

Strangely, the worst part was watching an informercial for a pillow.  B/c of course that's what you're selling to insomniacs too tired to change the channel at 3 in the morning.  Whatever pillow they were selling sounded so good if I could have found my phone I think I would have even ordered a couple.  But now I can't remember what it was called, can't find any information online, so I'm starting to think it was all a fever dream I hallucinated.  I definitely fed the baby, but that's all I can be sure of at this point.

So yeah, I'm so tired and fed up at work I just applied to a job in Gary, IN of all places.  Hell, I'm already hoping to hear back from a job in Munster, why not apply to something in Gary.  Just get me the fuck out of here already.

Current beer-scale: 9.8

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