So I finally got a callback from a resume I sent out in June, the first for that month.  I was starting to get worried that might be an 0-for situation; I had heard nothing but "thanks but no thanks" for that entire month so far.

But it's not until the 21st, and not for a job I'm entirely crazy about.  I've been trying to apply mostly to associate director-level positions, with a few director-level sprinkled in for good measure.  This one is a coordinator role, so of course that's what I hear back from.  Oh well.  These seem to come in bunches, so maybe I'll get lucky a line up a couple more soon.

B/c I need to get the fuck out of dodge!  And I need a new pair of bike gloves.  Not to mention shorts.  Not to mention beers, b/c we're one day closer to the Bears' preseason opener.

Current beer-scale: 8.1

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