Time flies

We've been a little busy so it's been under the radar, but today is my 8-year wedding anniversary.  With a baby at home we don't have anything fancy planned other than going to bed as soon as possible, but I already can't believe a) it's been 8 years, and b) that baby is going to be a month old already.  Jeez.

I felt bad yesterday b/c I forgot to grab some pictures of the baby to bring to work.  I've basically plastered the walls with pictures of the boy, it's only fair the girl gets her fair share as well.  We've been getting hassled by the grandparents for not putting more pictures of her on the tumblr we started for her, but it's easy to forget that a one month old isn't doing much other than eating, pooping, and crying.  Occasionally there's some sleep sprinkled in there, and I'm starting to think the smiles she's making is more than just gas now, but that's about it.  Pictures will get more interesting in a couple more months. 

Until then, I've remedied the situation and put a pair of pictures up.  Which is better than nothing, even though I have more Kona beer pictures up than that.  I'm still hoping I'll have a new office to put things in sooner rather than later anyway.  I don't want to have to pull a Homer here: "don't forget, you're here forever." 

Current beer-scale: 8.1

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