And that's worth a drink or two

Nothing like getting up at 3:45 AM with a sick toddler to start the day you were planning on trying to get a deal on a new car. To say I'm fucking exhausted at this point would be a fairly large understatement.

But things ended up going alright. We had a Journey in mind and we went back to the same dealer we got the caliber from since we had a positive experience last time.  It got stressful b/c there was a little more pushing/pulling to actually get a number we could live with as far as trade-in value/MSRP of actual car, but we got there eventually.  And we just drove home in a huge SUV, something I never thought I would say.
Turns out our garage is just the right size, b/c if it was about a foot shorter we would have been screwed.  But we can get two car seats in w/o feeling claustrophobic, and the dog will still fit too, thanks to the third row of fold down seating in the back.  This thing is crazy.  

Current beer-scale: 7.5

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