For fucks sake

With baby #2 on her way the wife and I are getting pretty close to pulling the trigger on a bigger vehicle.  She reminded me I've got a few fees left on my account that weren't covered by my employee tuition benefit that I should pay off before we go get a credit check, and since I've spent this week listening to students tell me how the Bursars office has mis-billed them, I realized I should check my own statement more closely before just automatically paying whatever was left.

And motherfucker wouldn't you know it, a third of the bill was late fees.  Which is ridiculous, since it was HR paying the tuition in the first place.  And now that I've only look at that at 9:30 PM, I get to stew about it until I can calmly and rationally get it fixed tomorrow.  Good fucking times.

Current beer-scale: high

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