get spoiled

I hear from a lot of riders that they'd rather have it dry and 5 degrees vs wet and 40 during the winter and spring.  And I think those people are out of their fucking minds.

I'll take wet and having to wipe a bike down after each ride any day of the week to having to wear plastic bags under two pairs of socks to keep my toes.  For the most part I quite enjoyed my ride this morning.

There was a slightly disturbing moment when I saw a car with a grocery cart stuck under it, only to get closer and realize it was someone's bike.  But the guy was up and walking around so he was (hopefully) mostly okay, and he had passed me rudely a few blocks earlier anyway.  Not saying he deserved whatever happened, but there are certain conditions that it doesn't pay to turn into a sprint, and a wet January morning is one of those times.

Still better than the train.

Current beer-scale: 7.8 w/some awesome Harp at home.

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