Okay, that was cold

Image via thefuckingweather.com, my go-to site for just how much winter in Chicago sucks.

When people start to post warnings about wind chill advisories, it might be time to put the bike in the basement for the day. Or it might be time to put on two extra layers and keep your fingers crossed under two pairs of gloves that you make it in before your toes go numb. Guess which one I ended up doing?

The ride in was actually much better than I expected it to be. My toes were getting insanely cold by the time I made it to campus but I wasn't regretting riding the bike. I don't exactly feel great right now but I'm willing to bet the train would have been even worse.

Even better, the boss decided to reward everyone for coming in by springing for lunch. Which always seems to happen when I have leftovers from Pequods but whatevs.

Current beer-scale: 9.1 for the weekend and BEARS! game

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