Yeah, that felt much longer than just Sat & Sun.

Surprisingly the car passed an emission test Sat morning, so we can get a new license sticker and keep it around for another year. And that one errand basically took care of our to-do list for the weekend. So I was free to take a trainer ride and workout and do whatever else I wanted to fill the time waiting for Sunday's 2 PM kickoff. For all the good that did.

A crappy Bears loss makes for a long weekend, but so does waiting to hear back from a seller on your offer for their condo property. We low-balled, got a counter, made another, and are still waiting for a response. I'm not optimistic, but one way or the other I'll be glad when the waiting is over. Even if it just means we're back to looking vs packing.

Ugh. The fact that it was the Packers and the playoffs has turned today to complete shit. So it's back to looking busy this morning as I don't really have the energy to get real work done. Or to think of something that qualifies as real work.

Current beer-scale: 2.3 too depressed to be higher

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