It's shit

Fuck me am I tired of people.

Propose a chintzy fee to ride a bike in Chicago?  Who cares.  Get your tits in a twist over this proposal and freak out about it?  Who cares.  Almost run me over on your way out of an alley b/c you weren't paying attention?  Who cares.  The old boss is moving jobs b/c of awkwardness with the new boss? 

Well, I actually care about that one, but only b/c it means even more awkwardness as we build a search for the new Assoc Dean.  Not awesome though.

Ultimately, I've finished a bottle of apple pie moonshine in just over a week and I'm going to have to find another bottle this weekend.  And I'm fighting off the urge to just say 'fuck it' and spend an hour right fucking now hunting another one down on my lunch break. 

Christ I need a drink and a burger right fucking now.

Current beer-scale: 9.2

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