So the boy was home yesterday after having a bit of a fever Sunday night.  Nothing too high, but I didn't mind staying home an extra day.  Over the course of the day though, he started to get a few rashy bumps pop up, and he's home today again. 

Called the daycare to say he wasn't coming in again, and he's kid #7 out right now, thanks to a hand, foot, and mouth outbreak.  Dammit.  Not only does it sound like something that would make cattle sick, it probably means he's home again tomorrow.  Which is fine, b/c I was going to be home anyway thanks to his 18-month check up, but that also means he's coming with me to the vet too for the dog's senior wellness check.  That should be interesting.

Current beer-scale: a punch-drunk 3 hours sleep 7.8

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