Going solo for too long

The wife is at her annual conference this week so I'm on my own for the duration. It's an even longer week than usual b/c she's having a girls weekend in San Fran when the conference wraps up so I have an extra few days to account for. In the past I would have looked forward to a long week of pizza and beer but this weekend just dragged.

By the time I was getting up this morning I was not crazy about spending an entire week just me and the dog, but the dog seemed to be up for it. A few long walks and she was done this weekend.
Football provided a decent distraction for some of the day yesterday, but after having to self-medicate with rye after the dismal ND game I was about done with sports for a while. But the rye was good so more of that will likely happen this week.

Current beer-scale: 4.4 and a boring MNF game

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