coming together

The paint is finally done in the nursery. Or at least it's done to the point where I hopefully stop noticing all these spots that need touching up and can concentrate on putting stuff together after having the shower on Saturday.Things look pretty good, even though the room is a disaster area after bring home a stroller and piles of baby clothes. All adorable, all something we need to wash and put away to get the room ready.These pics were taken before the shower to show everyone how the room was coming together. The shower that I wasn't supposed to be at, but ended up sitting through when my plans to visit a microbrewery fell through. Thanks a lot guys.One more shopping trip and we might actually have the room in ready condition. There are still some pretty big ticket items on our registry to pick up, but at this point we're approaching the finish line. No more classes, no more showers, hopefully no more visitors as we get ready for the big day. I've got to brush up on my swaddling technique.

Current beer-scale: 7.7

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