speaking of paint...

God dammit.

I used to have to go to courthouses all over Cook county for work and inevitably I would see similar graffiti scrawled all over random furniture and bathroom walls. It always struck me as pathetic (and pathetic is a way nicer word than I usually thought). What's worse than some suburb-wannabe thug thinking it's cool to ink up a bathroom stall?

So to wake up and see that on our garage the other morning set my teeth on edge. Now it's up there already, and the city will be by to paint over it, so there's not any use in getting all worked up. But every time I see it I can't help but think several derogatory thoughts about whoever's life was in sorry enough shape to lead to that. Way to go kid, I bet you and your buddies are the coolest. Good luck making anything of your life.

We weren't the only ones hit, and there was a long line of buildings hit in a similar fashion earlier this month west on Lawrence. It still sucks.

I need a drink.

Current beer-scale: 8.1

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