taking shape

I am old.

The wife and I have started work on the nursery and honestly it's been a ton of work. Putting together a crib, no problem. Figuring out where all the other stuff is going, painting, and furnishing the room? Problems.
With no real football on Sunday the first coat of paint went on the walls this weekend. And this was with Saturday to prep; get supplies, laser level and tape up the outline of the two colors we have going up, clean the walls. With an early trip to the hardware store for dropclothes Sunday was time to get moving. It was a long day.

I wasn't about to let my pregnant wife spend the day in a roomful of paint fumes, so I was doing most of the work solo. Edging, climbing the ladder, rolling, touching up, it was an all day affair. With the window open in January. Good times.
As the sun set I was wrapping up and happy to be able to breath normal air again. I was sore as all hell the next day though, surprisingly so. I guess all the crouching and crawling to tape everything and edge along the baseboards took its toll on my legs and back. And that was just the first coat! I'll probably do a second this week. At least it's in the 50's today so it might not be as bad with the window open.I've still got big plans to paint a palm tree on one wall, to go with the water and sand theme. We'll see which gets here first, the tree or the kid.

Current beer-scale: 5.3

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