thanks guy

It's been a decent week on the bike. Decent enough that when I almost got rubbed into a parked car by someone veering into the bike lane this morning I simply knocked on their passenger window and kept going. They didn't seem to appreciate getting the heads up so of course they let out an angry honk. I sent back a thumbs up and shook my head.Unless it's some-car-is-slamming-on-the-breaks-while-I-grit-my-teeth-close (which happens more than I would like with people turning left across Lincoln), I'm of the feeling the thumbs up is way better than a middle finger. Confront someone already upset with more anger and things just escalate. Give them back something positive and it can stop them in their tracks. Even sarcastic positive.

Too bad it put me in a crap mood for a busy Friday. The fact that it's idiots setting idiotic meetings on a Friday might not be helping with that either, but I'm old enough to buy beer on my way home so I don't really care. Half Acre here I come.

Current beer-scale: 8.3

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