Get going'!

I'm home today, tearing through my huge to-do list on a day off. After driving the wife to her latest drs appointment, to work, breaking down old dresser drawers, switching the fyxation tires to the raleigh, washing a rug and some towels, letting the maintenance guy in to paint our front door, and painting my palm trees in the baby's room, I'm waiting a few minutes to feed and walk the dog. So much for watching a movie today.

The painting was fun though. Drawing the pattern seems to have been the easiest part. You don't have to worry about edging when you've just got a pencil.
Details, details, details. That looks a lot more yellow than green...
But I guess it looks better dry. A second coat, even better. Keeping the brown and green separate is proving challenging...But in the end doesn't look too shabby. Almost done at this point, then we can break down the bed and really make it the baby's room. Good times.
And done for the day just in time, as dinner and drinks just an hour away. Beer!

Current beer-scale: 7.1

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