It's Monday morning; I wish I was drinking this right now

B/c you can't drink all day if you don't start in the morning.

I've had an itch to try this apple-infused bourbon recipe for a while now so while it was nice on Friday I took a long walk to the Binny's downtown to pick up something cheap to throw together.  I'm already off-book since I picked up Canadian whiskey, not bourbon, but what the hell.  I'm the one drinking it.
Apples, cinnamon, vanilla bean, whiskey, air-tight container.  Good to go.
The vanilla bean was too dry to cut open, it got snapped into little pieces instead.  Looked like little bugs or turds floating around.  Lovely.
I varied the recipe just a little bit more; used about a half less of an apple to try to not use the whole bottle.  95% of the CC ended up in there anyway.  But it already smells good, even if I keep forgetting to shake it.  Today will mark day 3; the recipe said wait at least 4 days, I have a feeling it will be a little longer than that.  The last time I walked to Binny's to pick something up the wife ended up going into labor that weekend, I've still barely had any of the whistlepig.  I hope this doesn't end up being a sign of something major about to happen.

Current beer-scale: 8.1 & teaching until 10.  For fuck's sake.

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