So I took the weekend to "think about" the offer from Friday, confident in my decision to turn it down.  That feeling intensified when I got an email from another place about the interview I had earlier in the month that I thought I hit out of the park asking me to call them to discuss their hiring process.  Of course I'll call.

Yeah, that phone call did not go as positively as I expected it to and you could tell it was going that way right off the bat.  So I turned down one job, and didn't get the offer I thought I might on the other.  Whoops. 

Which makes me feel a little more foolish about saying no elsewhere, but considering I had already made that decision before I had the second phone call I guess I shouldn't.  I also set up another interview for next week, and am still hoping to hear back from another interview from last week, so it's not like there's not hope for me out there.  It just sucks not hearing what I thought I'd hear. 

Throw in a crappy, wet ride this morning and this Monday has shaped up for shit.  So I'm gonna go home, drink a whiskey, and watch GoT.  That should take care of things.

Current beer-scale: 8.8

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