May got off to a great %*(^ing start

I took some time off to get some things done after the stress of planning Commencement, so I've got some painting before & after shots to put up over the next few days.  All day on the 5th, all day on the 7th, and then finally the big wall this past weekend.  But in the middle of painting the entire house, suddenly our hot water wasn't working.  Oh goodie, something else to check out.  Let's clear out the pantry so there's room. 
So yeah, our tank was leaking and had to be replaced.  There went another 2 grand replacing something else the piece of shit developers cheap-ed out on when putting the building together.  Hey, if it gives someone else peace of mind when we try to sell then good for us. 
A wet spot on the outside is not a good sign.
We painted for pretty much the same reason, but it looks so much better in the meantime.  There aren't a bunch of holes in the wall, no speaker wires sticking out, and there aren't any milk or throw up spots on it yet.  I'm going to enjoy it while I can.

Current beer-scale: 8.1 & ready to schedule some interviews this week

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